Since we can’t go for holidays because atm cannot take annual leave, I decided to bring holiday to our doorstep. Nyek, nyek, nyek. The fun of living on an island.

Just popped by one of the beach hotel and I like the huge suite room. Eldest son is having a party with a bunch of his friends there and I went to deliver their lunch. So, I also check in for the night in another suite. Ta ta. Oh boy, when atm comes back from KL tonight, he gotta go to the hotel to find us. Isn’t that so fun?

Swimming, sand play, beach, sea, tanned European men who looks like Sean Connery, here I come!

Am not sure when I am coming home so be good!

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17 thoughts on “Paradise

  1. Lilian Darling!!!

    Lucky you, and a suite to boot!!! but aren’t you cramming on your poor kid style šŸ˜› didn’t i read further down bout something of him and his girlfriend? Now, mummy wants to be in the picture also? hahahaha Guess this is a foretaste of what the gal’s who goes out with your son’s will have to expect eh darling!!

    buzz buzz

  2. Wah! Shiok lor……….. Guess it’s time for me to take a break and have a short holiday liau

  3. I also asked my atm to do that too if he have no time for holiday…He will always look at me and said “stay here still want to stay in hotel, are you OK??”….

  4. yay our island rock! *whooopeeee* happy horniday lilian! wah go to the beach ah, shiok!! tho not-so-clean… iskh..

    p/s: i realised some calls you aunt and auntie and aunty. should i do so? because i should put more respect isn’t it? or maybe perhaps consider you awet muda by not doing so?

  5. AhPek larling – How are you? Wuah, you sounded down, then, you went on to blog so many posts in one day and then, you kena hacked. Just one day I go away, so many things happened.

    QV – Chey…I no need to spy-spy wan, I trust my kids and my kids trust me enough to let me stay in the same hotel but different suites lah.

    JACQ – Tenkiu

    fire80 – Adoi…tak larat dah. Kena $$$ jugak.

    yenjai – Haiyor…pressure nyerrrr

    Olivia – Just pack and go! šŸ˜› I also didn’t plan to until I see the room and how much my younger kids wanted to hang around the beach and pool

    azhan – Ini aunty tak mengaku tua, so call me Lilian anytime. Even if you jumpa I kat jalan tau. LILIAN IS THE NAME. Yang panggil I aunty/auntie tu….next time I give small-small angpow. šŸ˜›

    wuching – Come, I welokam lu

    clare – Hehehe, I love the spiciness.

    ajab – Yeah, no need to drive 4-5 hours or even worst, 8 hours to East Coast.

    TehSee – Wuah..your autumn there so beautiful somemore want to holiday.

    Erina – I drove by your place like 3 times. Haiyor, in the end, I might as well book a place and save the driving. Morning, bring lunch. Evening bring BBQ. At night, my hubby somemore drove all seven of them to Gurney Plaza for midnight movie, to and fro. I was staying at Paradise.

    Fly – Heh, I damn cool wan…But good I am around also la, be the cook, chauffeur and chaperone to those SYTs. We live in different rooms lah. Tiu! You think I so hen control wan meh?

    egghead – Now already end of the year. So it is soon.

  6. Hi Lilian,

    The way I see you Blog, seems like you are a very nice and sweet lady, and a darn free lady too and seems like you are attracting a lot of youngster to your chats! just wondering what kind of age group do you have her and Lilian, I would like to know more bout u! nope just thinkning in the line of friendship.If you do chat on MSN add me at

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