I am married for 18 years already!

Nasi lemak which I cooked today.
OMG, I just realised that I have lived with this man for 20 years which is almost half of my 41 years life. But then, I have always been a ‘needy’ person. I must have someone at my beck and call, someone to return home to (after work, i.e.), someone to take care of me when I am sick, someone for me to share my pride and my disappoinments, someone to play house with, someone that watch over me, someone who lets me mother over, someone who protects me, someone…..ok,ok, enuff already, you get what I mean.

I cannot imagine living life as a spinster single girl. Oh boy, who is going to find money for me to spend, who is going to arrange my taxes, pay the electric and water bills, change a lightbulb, indulge me, take me holidays and shopping and errr…have legal sex with?
20 years ago, we had our first date. We lived as a couple since then. We have not been separated for more than six nights in a row in all these 20 years. The longest nights was the time when I was warded for premature birth in the hospital. He took me on all his business trips if the trip lasts for longer than one week.

Gee, am I lucky or what? Oh wait a minute, he is the lucky one.

That’s our 20 years old Garfield. He bought it for me just before my birthday (take note, take note, coming soon, 7th of September). Awww….with this kind of date, I pasti ditched another ex-boyfriend whom I had gone together for four years, kan?

So, girls, open your eyes big-big and make sure you hitched up with the right guy. If you think he is not for you, fast-fast cabut and find another one quick-quick. AND IF YOU GOT DITCHED, FOR GOODNESS SAKE, LEAVE WITH DIGNITY AND DON’T BE A SOHAI LIKE THAT INA. Damn it, sudah kena putus tunang by Mawi and this jerk never even personally go and tell her. He sent his sister to cancel their engagement. And this stupid Ina still declare on national TV that she still has feelings for him.

Tiu, WOMEN, REMEMBER, Bunga bukan sekuntum, kuman (kumbang) pun bukan seekor, the sea has plenty of fishes, shrimps go, lobsters come. There is nothing stupidier than for a woman to declare that life is not worth living if a man dumped her. I am so sick of seeing girls went missing, faking suicides over broken relationships, binge on Panadol (one got killed in the process) etc etc. If you really, really want to die hor, can come to Komtar or go KLCC and jump fast-fast. Stop being a drama queen because no one cares, ok? If you don’t treasure yourself, no one will. So start loving yourself before you want to love another. And remember that God loves you. Amen.

Actually I blogged this sometime on August 30th, 2006 but did not publish it ‘cos I found it too geli lah. Makes my skin crawls only. But hey, I am married for 18 years on 25th November 1988. Well, not really. I don’t know when is my real wedding ceremony as it is insignificant. But 25th November 1988 is the black & white marriage licence date. The date I sgined my identity away but gain money with it. Hehehe.

Happy anniversary, dear. Though I don’t think you read this, I know your sons and almost the whole world read. So, cheers to 18 years and many more to come. Thank God and Praise Him for getting us through it all eventhough so many had tumbled and fell out of the marriage deal. Ours is made with superglue ‘cos it has withstand the death of a son, two miscarriages and only God knows how many dents.

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  1. Hi Lilian, first time leaving a comment. Enjoy your blog immensely! Keep it up!
    You give hope to those who still believe in ‘death do us part’.. Congratulations Lilian! May you and hubby have many more 18-years to come!
    Agree that girls should have more dignity after being dumped. Go with dignity! Channel that anger into something more constructive eg. be stronger and be more beautiful, be more irresistable.. make him regret! haha… (of course, hopefully by then the girl will also realizes that she is a better person!)

  2. Ok.. lilian.. what has the nasi lemak gotta do with this post..?? kekekkekee!!! i asked because i need recipe lor.. šŸ˜‰ i wanna cook.. but donch know how to .. with limited ingredient .. i have on hand.
    I am also a very “needy” person.. hahah!!
    Not many ppl are blessed with good marriages.. like yours. I wish you happiness always.. Lilian..!

  3. Happy anniversary. WOW! 18 years is a long time. I recently celebrated our 4th and looking forward to many more years to come like yours.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! May you and hubby continue to be abundantly blessed with love, joy and excellent health for many more years to come as you journey together through the rich kaleidoscope of life.

    I planned on oats for breakfast….but can’t get that nasi lemak out of my mind. Sure looks yummylicious!!!

  5. Lilian jie, wow. Great life there.
    I have also forgotten the date of my wedding. Haha.
    (shh…. don’t tell my wife)

    Wish you many more 18 years to come.

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! I just celebrate my anniversay too which is on 10 Nov. It’s already 6 years being of Lawrence official wife after 6 years of courting. A very long time also lar – 12 years all together. This is also the date of our official courting and we used that date to be the date of registration. Another anniversary of wedding is also celebrate in Jan – that one the chinese yum seng date. Hehehe….. Fully agreed with you that those stupid girls who die for man are ‘ngong kui’. There are so much beautiful n wonderful stuff in life. Tonite can celebrate lar………..

  7. Blessed Anniversary…Great site.. have been reading ur site whenever i get the time…

    you are one great writer with all your wits and all…

    but isnt there is a clash in terms of words like sohai, tiu (yaki) …not so nice lor… i know i know u pay every single cents for this blog and every words i m writing.. but.. hehe..

    just sharing my thoughts..

    ehh.. ur kid’s belly dancing is good… how about showing yours?

  8. carmen – Tks! I’d rather be the sinner with the foul mouth than the hypocrite with the sweetest manner. šŸ˜›

    iblogtogod – Don’t worry, the Lord will pull you through and next time, you can look back and know that it has make your marriage much more meaningful. Last time during the recession in the 80s, my atm and I survived on RM2 per meal only.

    shoppingmum – WAH…happy anniversary back to you.

    Jess – Tks!

    Erina – Hehehe, dated so long baru can make up your mind?

    JAQ & Agnes – Tenkiu. That nasi lemak is 3 months old liao cos this post is an old post I kept in my PC. I only added the last few paras.

    terence – I know, I know, we both are Virgoans, both hailam hong…hahaha.

    Jules – Thanks! Coming from the new bride!

    yenjai – You better go check your marriage cert for the date and tattoo it on your butt. Ok, not the butt cos you won’t be able to see it. Hahaha.

  9. #2 son – LOL, people will think we don’t live in the same house. But clever lah you, pimping your blog here. Smart boy!

    Adam – Good luck to us all!

    Alphabeta – Thanks. What a nice wish.

    budokid & egghead – Thanks very much

  10. i was rushing from outside just now and here i am! *wait need to breathe easy first*

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! – remembered from your previous post about the missing ring thing =P

  11. Wow wow…. Happy 18 yrs!!!! lol

    Yes I agree. It is sure good to have someone share your life through ups and downs. šŸ™‚

    All the best to you and may there be many more great sex ahead!!

  12. Imagine…Lilian and her atm standing at the entrance of the restaurant….thank you for coming…thank you…thank you…..

  13. NOTICE : Don’t bitch about the extra posts, ok? Unless you want to pay me RM100 per day to read my blog. šŸ˜› That’s how much I got for 3 posts (one at my other blog). USD27.50.

  14. mrbreng – Thank you!

    TehSee – LOL, like wedding dinner like that. Yammmm Senngggggggg.

    SK – Suppose to say, ‘Yarnnn, yarrnnn..’ (meaning – hang on, hang on) Hehehe.

    celestine – Thanks!

    Emmanuel – Haiyor, if my hubby takes me to eat laksa for anniversary, I smack his head lor. LOL

    WMD – Tks

    helen – ok, ok, your command is my pleasure!

    azhan – Eh, you go shopping or not? So pack hor? I was out the whole day shopping for PS2 and camera. Still end up buying nothing yet.

    olivia, wuching, piggy – Thank you for all the wishes. I feel like a bride again. Hahaha.

  15. Lilian jie, I am not Michael Scofield leh. I don’t tattoo map and date on my body šŸ˜‰

    I had forgotten the “yum seng” date. Not the date of registration. I guess the only way is to pull out those old wedding photo, eh? (The last time I ask, my wife also has no idea what is the date of the ceremony)

  16. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LILIAN! May God Bless You and your atm with many, many more happy years together.

  17. Happy Anniversary to 5xMom and your atm, may you have many more happy years to come in the future, may god bless your family.

  18. Happy Anniversary woman! Wah, that Garfield still looks good after 20 years ler. Not bad, not bad. That reminds me, better go give my Super Chook (of KFC fame) a wash. He’s only a little more than 10 years old but I hope he can live to be 20 and beyond like your Garfield. Hahaha.

  19. u did it again. another year, another heart-warming entry giving hope to many who still believe in happily ever after. (yikes, i oso feel kinda gili writing this, LOL)

    happy belated anniversary!!

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