What have you done for Me lately?

This is the weekend, so yeah, lots of preachy stuffs inserted and some paid posts.  If you are touchy about blog posts that I wrote for the sake of the money, I can’t help it.  Live with it, dude!

So, back to church’s homily (sermon/preaching or whatever you call it), our priest made a very oomph delivery this morning, touching on many current issues.  Today is the Feast of Christ the King.  Jesus is our Lord, our King.  The King of kings.

Somehow, I am glad that I am a blogger and yeap, that helps to do His will in some ways.  Though I don’t go all out and do evangelisation and getting preachy all the time, 24/7, 365 days, 1500 blog posts, I am glad that I do have a way of serving Him.  One must know that not every one of us are gifted to evangelise, so stop telling me that I am a bad example of being a Catholic Christian.

Back to the current issues, as the priest was delivering his homily, I realised that, “Hey!  I am not so bad after all!”  I told my son, “Yeah, I blogged that.”  when the priest asked what we have done for Jesus lately.

Blogged what?  Well, many things.  The podcast to Kak Mah is one of them.  The stupid CCTV issue is another. Plus the SMS craps.   And for that, I know God loves me.   I may not speak the language many Christians want to hear but what matters is I speak the language many can understand.  I’d go for the latter.

Have a good weekend to all and soli lah, if you are getting more posts on your rss.  I need the dough, dudes.

2 thoughts on “What have you done for Me lately?

  1. your blog content and style does “shake” some lazy-near-freezing brain to think. so doesn’t matter whether it’s politically correct or not. you say what you have to say in your words using your style. me understand … sometimes me nod sometimes me geleng-geleng. ok what !

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