PS3, PS2 and a camera

Do you know how much a PS3 costs in Malaysia?  It is a freaking RM4,800!

My kid’s PS2 which is over 5 years old k.o-ed beyond repair. So we thought of getting a PS3 but who is crazy enough to spend RM4.8K? Siao meh?

We got the slim PS2 for only RM599 which comes with one original Sony controller and one clone one plus 12 pieces know…. That was for kid #3.

After that, we hopped over to the next shop in Gurney Plaza and got this:

Oh, man…the camera only costs RM680 but it’s quality is sooo much better than my current prosumer which is going to die soon.  It is a Pentax Optio M20 which is 7.0 megapixel and takes clear, beautiful photos and impressive videos.  The camera is for the #2.
Next item on the shopping list is a Sony Ericsson K750 for the eldest.

So, what about me leh?  Where is my gift? What should I ask for?  Jeez, I really don’t know.  I have nothing that I need.  How?  Can teach my how to spend some money?

23 thoughts on “PS3, PS2 and a camera

  1. What about spa at Park Royal Penang new St Gregory to award yourself & your husband of hard year work? Or a bigger oven to bake 4 cakes at a time? 🙂

  2. Agnes – LOL, I don’t fancy spas ‘cos I hate people touch me. Aiyer…I cannot stand it if they are women. Maybe some hunky men ok lah. HOHOHOHO.

    ks – Chey, watch what p0rn wor. Give me gigolo lagi best mah?

  3. if i send you christmas present to thank you for your wonderful blog, where should i send it to? The present is not a hunk singing in naked to you. LOLOLOL

  4. PS3 is actually only RM3750 with 2 original Sixaxis controller, and 3 original games. Yours truly ordered one… and so did a million others in

  5. Hah??? chisin loh…. for 4.8k, i’d rather go buy another notebook and blog like crazee, lol. or a massage chair to ease my back pain even better…. ahh, y doncha go get massage chair….good idea?

  6. samm – Yalor, if give to my kid habis la.

    noor hidayat – Really? The guy must have quoted me RM4,280 then. Still it is wayyyy expensive ya? Anyway, my kid is only 10 yrs so it is too expensive a gift.

    Agnes – Really? Hehehe, I hope I don’t sound like I am hinting for presents on my blog hor?

  7. Kids nowadays so shiok. In those days, unheard of parents giving their kids camera ka, handphone ka. But times have changed.

    Last time ask for what? Carrot cut pants! 😛

  8. A dildo darling? Good investment!! 😛

    Or a massage chair dedicated strictly for your own use, or,

    REMODEL THE WHOLE KITCHEN with the lastest gadgets, stove, oven’s and hoods!!!

  9. holy cow, your spamhaus subscription ban comments from Streamyx dial-up connection.

    Gift? Well, get one piece of 10grams gold bar. Bare in mind that gahmen charging GST start from 1st Jan 2007.

  10. Hmmm..give the amount you want to spend to charity in the name of yourself and your family, or….you can use it to donate to the Adopt a mat rempit programme (you should go to Kenny Sia’s posting on that, laughed my head off!!)

  11. QV – But I have never been that nice or charitable wor. ‘Cos I am like a charitable body myself. Who wants to donate to me LOL.

    wingz – I take my pasar malam bra and stuff into your mouth baru tau. Who says I need wonderbra wor?

    shoppingmum – Got wor, I bought before. Hehehe.

    moo_t – I recently put up BadBehaviour and I think that’s why lor. Temporarily put an extra spam filter cos the spams are killing me.

    fly – Choy…I very Katolik you know…

    Ah Pek dear…when did I put you on blacklist lah, tiu. My spam filter gone crazy liao.

    terence – Almost applied for one the other day during a roadshow but too many people so don’t want to be part of the kiasu gang. The funny thing hor, if we get the platinum card from our current bank, they dun give freebies like new accounts. Chi Sin wan.

    wuching – YOUR ANSWER IS THE BEST! *hands wuching a candy cane*

    Bryan – Aiyor…you think I am an ahpor (ah ma/grandma) ah? Maybe I buy that horsey ride slimminig thing. LOL.

    iblogtogod – Yes, yes, yes, Edwin brand. I got one too.

  12. kids these lucky..hehe…ps3 ..too expensive la…
    xBox 360 better..
    anyway..why not u go buy a designer handbag…:)
    just giving u ideas..hehee

  13. HAHAHA, hmmm maybe should start a new charity project then, Support the 5xMom?

    Jst read the fly’s comment..hahaha..last one sound’s good, remodel the whole kitchen, get new blender, beater, juicer, griller, oven, stove etc etc, maybe can tie this up with the charity project, and name it “Support the 5Xmom and remodel her kitchen” all donations are to be made personally to the 5Xmom, so, email her to donate 😛 hehheheehe

    by the way, don’t u wish that you get 1sen per comments, or in my case, 1 sen per ever single word I type, you’ll be kaya raya now 😛

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