Dining room – heart of the home

I once have a boyfriend whose mom insisted that all her four sons must be home for dinner every single day. She is Cantonese and therefore, the best disciplinarian of all Chinese women. I really admire how she managed to get her sons to listen to her.

When it is dinner time, every one has to be there, sit down together and eat together. In my opinion, I think that is a very good way for family bonding because during dinner, everyone will talk about their days.

But there was something that I dislike. ‘Cos I was the only girl, girlfriend of the #3 son and I always have to wash the dishes of the whole family! That’s why he remained an ex-boyfriend. I šŸ˜› I do try to get my children to eat together too but unfortunately, my living room cum dining hall is too small to sit all six of us.

If I have a bigger home, I certainly would love one of these sets of majestic dining table to grace my dining room. They have such lovely sets, from Oriental to Western designs.

Remember – the dining table and room is the heart of the home.

13 thoughts on “Dining room – heart of the home

  1. come over here & buy big big house with big dining area! sure can put ur majestic dining table with lots of guests..i’ll be there everyday!

  2. Yup, agree there, Kitchen or Dining room or some where the kitchen functions as the dining room, that’s where most conversation take’s place and where relatives and friends gather to eat, drink and be merry…

  3. interesting, reminded me of me family. there were 5 of us, we never had dinners together. there was always only 2 ppl at a time. weird isn’t it? when we were small we ate dinner together, but as we grew older in sec school, that’s the way it became…

  4. hehe…I don’t mind doing the dishes for my bf’s family. (I’m must be a dream girl already! muahahhaha)

    But back at home, mammie, daddie and I eat in our living room…in front of the TV…although we have a nice round glass dining table with a lazy susan -_-“

  5. wah, luckily u ran away…otherwise suffer lor in this kind of MCP family that xpect only the females to wash dishes !

  6. Eating together as a family is indeed a good time for family bonding, even if it can be practised only once a week when most families eat out

  7. jacy – Male Chauvinist Pig = men who think women belong to the kitchen and bedroom . šŸ˜›

    justme – Ya, even that supermarket Dr. James Dobson encourage it! Hahaha, I can’t stand him though.

    jamie – That is until she got married into the family. LOL.

    sooi2 – Actually hor, the sons all very well trained by the mom. Maybe I did learnt some good parenting tip from her. She is really a nice lady and all her sons are great too, except the one I was attached to. During CNY, I kena help her to make kueh kapit, bake kuih bangkit and etc etc. FOUR YEARS!!! Until I beh tahan.

    Alicia – Psst…don’t make it a habit, next time you sure complain wan. Hahaha, if Mr. Lobak read this, habis lah.

    simon – Never mind, at least make it once a year on CNY eve.

    sasha – Yayaya, that one oso got. Ah mah sek fan, Ku cheh sek fan, sei ku cheh sek fan….tai yee cheong sek fan….*rice all cold, saliva flood table* Haiyor, come to think of it, scary lor…big family with strict tradition.

    QV – I even have a kitchen god too! Yay, I fed him the Nien Kau kasi him cannot talk when he return to his annual holiday in heaven. Hahaha. (Corrected : I USED to have…now no more lah)

    yenjai – I used to have a huge marble table for eight bu sold that house because it was too far from kids school.

    wuching – *keeping fingers crossed, still no news yet*

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