Happy Feet, anyone?

I need to get out of the house real soon. I am going crazy soon ‘cos my housekeeper couldn’t come for her twice weekly clean up and I have to deal with her works. *sobs* I am not cut out to do hard labour ‘cos I get very stressed out. Don’t make me sweat over mopping floor. Give me an assignment to prepare and cook foods for a hundred persons or tell me to bake 10 cakes in a day. I can handle that but not mopping, washing, cleaning. Bad for my palms skin, dude. What if I get corns and rough, callous skins? How to manja the hubby like that?
Anyway, am off to catch Happy Feet. I hope I don’t snore in the cinema with those black and white penguins. If the movie sucks, please don’t tell me until after 2.30 pm. The tickets have been bought, you see.

Ok, kill me, I think I am going to post another paid post.  If you see the category sponsored, you know it is a paid post, ok?  Hey, I need lots of money for three adult tickets and two children ticket, plus popcorns and coke, ok?

10 thoughts on “Happy Feet, anyone?

  1. For a moment I tot I was reading Linette Sharvo (not sure of the spelling) desperate housewives diary 😛 hehehehehehehehehehe

    enjoy the movie aunty

  2. Hi,
    All of us really enjoyed the movie. Another pleasant thing is that do try to get the DVD “March of the Penguins” This real life documentary (won the academy award 2005) is really about this lesser known ‘the emperor of all penguins’ Their babies are so cute. Really ada Elijah’s blue eyes!

  3. Hi Liian,
    We know that you are going to love these cute creatures. We all really enjoyed the movie and it got our feet tapping too!
    Do try to watch the documentary “March of the Penguins” which won the best documentary at the Academy Awards 2005. I am trying to get it on DVD.
    You can view it’s trailer at apple.com/quicktime.
    After two crappy weeks of cussing at the keris, at least we get to understand the Emperor penguins more than certain humans! What a break!
    Cheers and regards,

  4. KW – Yeah, me too! I love those songs from my era. Hahaha.

    Birds – I love the baby penguins most. But glad that my kids get to see for themselves how pollution and humans in particular are causing so much hardship to the animals.

    pelf – Yeah, my heart is broken too. And the penguins are so faithful.

    Eve – yayayaya

    QV – I did.

    yenjai – Ya, got de-stressed and came back to cook a nice dinner somemore.

    wuching – Ya, full of morals and emotions.

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