I know what I want! Send me a letter from Santa!

You know, I was very, very flattered to receive so many wishes for my wedding anniversary. So, I must say, THANK YOU TO ALL!  But very shy hor, just after one thing, there is another celebration.

But please don’t send any wishes lah, I damn shy, ok?

I thought of not blogging about this but my kid has gone to great trouble to get a birthday cake personalised for himself. He actually had a long chat with the baker on what design he wants, what flavour and insisted on only pipping jelly. None of those ahkua computer generated pictures but hand drawn with pipping jelly.

Dragon ball Goku with all the muscles. The baker was so enamoured with my demanding kid, he made a 2 KG cake for him eventhough we only ordered 1.5KG. He said he can’t put the whole Goku in a 1.5KG cake. 500 g free of charge!  It was the most delicious lychee sponge cake from Jenni’s Homemade Cakes. His birthday is today, 28th November. Ten years old, which means my mom had passed away 10 years ago. I gave birth to this son on the 100th day after my mom died.

Ok, enough about him. I now want to demand like a 10 years old. I want a letter from Santa! You can get one personalised through this website. Hehehe, isn’t this fun?  It takes just two minutes. So what are you waiting for? Have I been a good girl? Didn’t I supply you with lots of stuffs and sometimes craps to read? Go on, mail me one. Plus send some to your friends and if you have kids, send to them too.
I must also remind you guys that you have only two days left to record your Rudolf song. I haven’t done mine too ‘cos it is so hard to sing so fast!  I can’t wait for Christmas. The shopping malls are all so beautiful already.

11 thoughts on “I know what I want! Send me a letter from Santa!

  1. Happy birthday!

    Lilian, jom kita pergi spy sama Queensbay Mall, nak? I live nearby only! But then, aiyo scared first day full wan, just like Tesco. Even Tesco, can be full on first day. ohmigawd!!

  2. yenjai- Ya, the guy is from one of the top restaurants in one of the resort, I heard. He opened his own cake shop. Hehehe, I can’t read any Chinese but it looks good.

    wuching- Wuah…Santa oso know I hiaw meh? Scary lor, i wonder Santa will come quietly and peek through window or not hor?

    olivia – We actually went there early to send the design my kid wants but they had just finished decorating it. It was very tasty too.

    azhan – I think the whole island is heading that way so I better stay out of the stampede lah. The jam is going to be so crazy. Jom pi tengok wayang! Happy Feet, 2.30 GP today. I bawak all the anak-anak there.

    JM- Tenkiu

    Jules – Thanks a lot for the wishes!

  3. ajab – Goku’s head is still in the morgue cold room (fridge)

    LOL, Santa is going to send me lotsa stuffs including diamond and dildo.

  4. LOL 😛

    Was tempted to send you something that included the “things” that’s found on what I asked santa to give and incorparate it with the one Wuching ask santa to give you 😛


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