Gambar tangkap basah


Hari-hari banyak orang

Cari gambar miang-miang

Trafik sudah siang-siang

Naik sampai nak piang

Gambar tangkap basah

Buat orang semua rasa resah

Mau tau apa pasal

Tangkap basah dipanggil[tag] tangkap basah[/tag]?


Sebab kalau nak serbu

Pegawai semua kena tunggu

Duduk diam, mulut ternganga

Pasang mata, pasang telinga

Bila sudah cukup basah

Baru masuk, tangkap basah


Ini gambar semua

Bukan ada lucah

Cuma bunga-bunga



Hehehe, can’t resist this because AhPek and I got many hits for tangkap basah. If you all want to see the tangkap basah photo, please look up here.

29 thoughts on “Gambar tangkap basah

  1. Bryan – Yalor, AhPek is the mahaguru of pantun.

    Kenny – Hope you didn’t TFK over some flowers. LOL.

    Athene – Yalor, that’s why I was so amused. I didn’t see it with naked eyes but when I blew up the pics, only can see it. Got bintik-bintik hitam jugak. Kena penyakit kut. Hahaha.

    sooi2 – Am doing a favour for those wankers who often search ‘gambar seks, gambar lucah’. Now they can get it mah, minus the sin.

  2. Wah lau …. was all excited … and then …. gambar orkid pulak. Macam come on baby douse my flames, not light my fire! Good one Lilian! Hehe! šŸ˜€

  3. Very poetic, am now imagining aunty in kebaya at some nyonya wedding reciting poems and waiting for the guys to reply hehehehe

    by the way, itu orkid apa ah? both very interesting but the last one really catch my eye with the vibrant purple colours

  4. Alicia – And also a safe way to write. (got read that JAIS is taking legal action against all those websites which put up the tangkap basah video from Youtube? Lucky I never touch the matter.)

    QV – In a red kebaya, no less! Hehehe. I went to some flower show and they have these weird but beautiful looking orchids and adeniums.

    moby – LOL, go plant one at your home and stare at it day and night.

    Chris – It is in a tent/shaded and almost dusk so I have to use the flash.

    ahpek – Your comments masuk askimet spam lah.

    rodney – it is an orchid!

  5. Hi Lilian,
    Wah your close up shot of the Paphiopedilum barbatum (Lindl.) Pfitz. is so dramatic and funny!
    Those were the days one can buy them so easily at Kek Lok Si temple. Sigh!

  6. I thought it was a venus flytrap too!…man been really busy lately haven’t been able to catch up on the latest in the motherland. So blur just now until I figured out what the post was about lol. Good one Lilian šŸ™‚

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