I am hankering for McDonalds double fillet o’fish

fillet o fish McDonalds

While thumbing through my old photos, I found this picture of McDonald double fillet o’fish. Arrggh…why don’t McD sells it all year round instead of a few weeks promo? Do you think I should buy two regular fillet o’fish, tear off one of the buns and stuff the fish into the other burger so that I can have one double fillet o fish right now? Who wants the leftover bun without fish?

I just love, love, love the crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside fish. And I also like to try out new stuffs. Eheh, I hope you get what I mean? šŸ˜‰ Do you like McD too?

18 thoughts on “I am hankering for McDonalds double fillet o’fish

  1. Last week just ordered Mcdonald by delivery.(coz raining heavily) Delivery charge RM3! My kids love everything Mcdonald. So I will just order Mcdonald meals for them if I needed some time off from the kitchen. or too lazy to cook..he..he.. how convenient!(they are happy too..)I love its hot piping Apple pie best…

  2. Wei, email me if you want the fillets or nuggets to goreng sendiri. I know high ranking ppl in Golden Arches and MacFood. Give you some meal vouchers lah. I makan McD until I got phobia.

    Rest assured that their products are of high quality. There are international protocols they have to follow.

  3. terence, yeah, i believe they have international protocols to follow but y the hell the same burger in m’sia and europe taste as different as hell and heaven??

  4. Better taste before local Mc-D take it out of menu.

    Mc-D has take away chocolate ice-cream from the menu. Everytime I take Mc-Egg, I must inspect the shape of the cheese, 7 out of 10, the piece of cheese is cut into triangle shape(instead of square).

  5. Sooi sooi- I think the difference you mentioned is called LARD. Layman’s term, halal and non halal. *thinking of McD pork burger across the nothern border*

  6. babe – Ya, what a coincidence. Just when I started to crave for it, it is really here. The flyer dropped out of my morning paper this morning.

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