Someone please tell those politicians to stop acting like kids!

I had stayed away from the newspapers lately because each time I read, I have plenty to babble. Sometimes, I would verbally grumbled over it but has to explain the real situation to my older kids. And you know, it is not easy to be rational without getting anal over some of the issues.

It is hard being a parent because all those behaviours can and does influence them. I guess I can’t tell my 10 and 14 years old to “Stop acting like a kid.” when they are going for tit-for-tat. Now, I must shout loud, loud, ‘YOU TWO, STOP ACTING LIKE A BUNCH OF POLITICIANS, WILL YA?”

This is re the “you block five foot way with racks of breads at your sundry shop, so you cannot talk about people building mansion without proper building permit.”


11 thoughts on “Someone please tell those politicians to stop acting like kids!

  1. You got put shoes or not in front of your condo door. If got then you cannot blog about Datuk Z case anymore.

  2. lulu also very disturbed at how politicians taichi the issue.
    for instance, the deputy cm signed a circular concerning the demolition of the chinese temple. his main concern is how the letter ended up in public circulations.

  3. LOL….That is a good one…”I must shout loud, loud, ‘YOU TWO, STOP ACTING LIKE A BUNCH OF POLITICIANS, WILL YA?””
    I hope that these politicians need to read more books and to attend a lot of seminars and courses on public speaking, problem solving, ethic and strategic thinking…and not go “makan angin” at Genting Awana or South Arfrika….Then, they need to have meet the people session once every month to feel “the people” sentiment. Me too are sick to read the local newspaper nowsaday.

  4. lulu – Yeah, that sort of reply pissed me off but since I live in the island, I had to zip my mouth. Wheregot people in that high position act blur-blur and said, ‘I signed but I did not instruct’. Frankly, I don’t even know how he looks like! The last deputy CM I remember was Dato Ibrahim Saad and after that, things sort of go downhill.

    KJ – Now I know what to scream at my kids when they fight, ‘STOP ACTING LIKE THOSE POLITICIANS!’. That, I bet is going to stop them from ‘cos no one wants to end up like that bunch. Bwahahaha.

    fire80 – aiyor…I am so afraid…..I got three bicycles, a trolley, clothes hanger and shoe rack. How?

  5. Hiaya…this are all the silly ways that they will use to protect the mistakes and wrong doing’s of the “orang kita” clan…

    Imagine if it’s a non “orang-kita” who build the mansion or had a stall or what ever…it will be gone faster than you can even say Municiple What?

  6. Sometimes in life, a person takes a course of direction. Politicians are no different. There are crooked ones and good ones. Malaysia is getting less of the latter. Hence, good that we know how to vote the next time round. Vote for persons or parties? I rather go for the party this time round. Whether it’s opposition or govt, I feel we are losing our voice. Lets not waste our votes.

  7. Yes! they tend to have this tic for tac mentality that needs some brainwashinglah.. Almost forgotten who they are and what they are there for!! hope they don`t end up as The Rock etc..etc..ha..ha..

  8. If I knew politicians are supposed to act liddat, I should have become a politician! Simply tembak-menembak only mah…not hard wat. But seriously, politicians should think b4 simply tembak lar. They never think if I say this will Rakyat know I’m stoopid? 🙂

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