Hokkien cuss in Penang State assembly


I can’t find the online version so here’s a snapshot of the article.


It says…’keris-shaped Menara Umno ..weapon stabbing into the heart of Penang…..


“In the perspective of fengshui….building that is shaped like keris….”

Hey, aren’t they also building an even longer keris in the heart of Malacca town? Didn’t they consult Lilian too?


and the last column..


of the war of words between Datuk Azhar Ibrahim who must have said, pukimakhang or kanneh or whatever to DAP Phee Boon Poh. Shouldn’t we be proud of our muhibbah spirit? That other races can speak Hokkien as well?

12 thoughts on “Hokkien cuss in Penang State assembly

  1. This is good. I think everyone shud consult Lilian too. I did, and i saw my wealth prosper. Am i right in saying that, Master Lilian. HAHAHA!!!!

  2. Samm – LOL, ya, this Lilian too very good in fengshui in earning money.

    fire80 – Every day also things like these happening in our assembly. Aparahhhh

    QV – I just can’t seem to find the online article on The Star, Metro North. Wonder why.

  3. hahaha this is freaking hilarious. but even with the building being there, i don’t there’s much can be done rite ? i think the ruling party is under so much criticism lately. furthermore Michael Backman had another article just 2 days ago … hehe.

    and i also liked the way YB Phee ended his statement like what QuaVadis said, rofl

  4. satkuru – Hehehe, I went through like three times and can’t see the title on Metro North. Wonder why? But looking at snapshots seem more ‘authentic’ than copy and paste. Hahaha.

  5. my gawd. so memalukan! mencemarkan muhibah saja! well kudos to YB Phee on the statement. i do understand hokkien a little but cant speak much oh it. ehhehe

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