Psst..let me tell you a secret…Queensbay’s Mall is haunted..

This is a conversation I heard between Lima and her housekeeper, M.

M : Auntie, tomorrow Queensbay’s Mall is opening. Nowadays, I can’t even get home because of the jam. It took me two hours from town to Batu Uban, through Gold Coast road. All because of the people lah. The Jusco not yet opened but these people already thronged there don’t know do what.

Lima : Huh? LOL, it is going to be opened only on 1st December, now already jammed? These people ‘sua pah kau, sua koo, jakun never see new shopping mall before meh. I am not going there until maybe after 2 weeks. Aiyor…Jusco only mah, every place also got. Ipoh, KL, Hongkong, semua I’ve been there.

M : Auntie, I tell you lah. I used to wash the offices next to Queensbay there and the construction guys told me the place is haunted. Last time when the project stalled for so many years, all the dirty things came to live. This supervisor had to make routine checks on the empty building every night. He said he saw the thing, red dress, long hair girl. But he didn’t bother her, she also never disturb him. He said, usual lah, if the property left abandoned for so many years, sure got ghosts come to stay.

Lima : Really ah? Aiyor…scary lah. Which place does the ghost stays? I must know so I stay away.

M : The guy said only on the fourth floor. Always stay on that floor.

Lima : Eeek…now my hairs stand already.

M : You know why or not, auntie? Last time, these people who are sent to Pulau Jerjak….

Lima : Yayaya, I know ‘cos I used to stay there when I was small. They kept all the lepers and TB people there. Last time hor, my sister got friends who worked on the island.

M : Yayaya, you know…sometimes when these people died already…they took the body over to the mainland. Then, the coffin people only do the ritual of ‘jip kuan’ (put the body into the coffin and seal it). So, all those activities of jip kuan were carried out at near Queensbay there lor.

Lima : No wonder lah, maybe a few never went into the coffin. So, they simply run around?

M : Auntie, you remember to pray-pray when you go there, ok? I know you Christian lah, but also good to pray for these people.

Lima : Hahahaha, see if I remember or not lah. think after the shopping mall opened, the ghost still there? Die lah, if suddenly go into changing room to change a red dress, instead of see my own reflections, I see the ghost standing in the mirror looking back at me. How?

M : Ahhh…you don’t simply imagine lah!


And that, ladies and gentleman, is just a ficticious conversation between two people I do not know. No one dead or alive are harmed in the conversation. No place, recognisable or not, is real. Ghosts? Maybe wor. So…the next time you go into a changing room, see that no one in red dress is looking back at you. The next time you go into the loo/gents, see that no red dress long hair woman is seducing you……The next time you reach out to hold your girlfriend’s hand, see that it is not a cold, lifeless, limp hand….The next time…

15 thoughts on “Psst..let me tell you a secret…Queensbay’s Mall is haunted..

  1. the story is true about the pulau.. aiya lilian ah… i was planning to work there horr.. now come out with this i scared ade lah.. i still stay in tmn century area near pantai jerejak there always go jogging around near the mall when it was abandoned.. yerr seram lah!!

  2. ‘Ala-Latok—-Ala-Latok Mai Kasi Namber’

    Heh heh heh

    I know I must say my PEACE cos I find these DANG FANNY cos…these people go all out to find number.

    But I remember a place , think was near johor, where old boat people were placed,similar to how Singapore did..and disease etc, caused lots of misery and hell.

    Reminds me of the time those people to up the Kusu Island in Singapore to perform some Pilgrimage and climb up the 153steps to the ‘Makam 3-beradik’ (note its a MUSLIM Grave)…and ask for number etc….

    Which I don’t wanna comment lah..cos I know part of a real story that makes me shiver till now…

    Just a note to some people who is thinking of the numbers…SomeTHING said to me before “Kau tau Benda tuh HARAM, Sial Ko mintak minatang haram. Kena pon mesti Mampos. Balik kau ke Tanah Besar. Rezeki kau bukan kat sini”. And that is a real story, which till now, I can’t find enuff $$$ back home.

  3. Dont know if got ghost or not…but whats really funny is the crowds of people going there since past one week to see MALL – like never seen one before!!

  4. Waliao…my bulu all stand only to be told it’s fictitious. LOL. When all the people throng to Queensbay the ghost will lari lo, hahaha.

  5. I think because the place is haunted, they decided to erect a mall there to enliven the atmosphere and maybe chase the spirits away. So let’s all go and keep the horror thoughts at bay! 🙂

  6. Expected to be haunted ady, let the people go first, “chong” away the evil spirits first before i go. haha

  7. Aiyo, everywhere also got “hantu” lah. As long as u don’t go and kacau them, then should be fine.

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