SikapTerminator majlis-majlis perbandaran di Malaysia

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Chaos reigns in [tag]Kg Berembang[/tag] Nov 30, 06 1:24pm

This morning, [tag]MPAJ[/tag], armed with four bulldozers, came in to finish the job and again they faced stiff resistence from the villagers.

Villagers who tried to block the demolition were shoved and pushed aside by the MPAJ enforcement officers, who numbered more than 100. Things took an ugly turn when the police and the FRU joined the fray to beat the villagers and their supporters who were gathered there.

Women and children inside the surau were also not spared.

Kawan seperjuangan saya – KJ, yang mempunyai blog dia sendiri menyeru saya memberi suara sokongan terhadap dilemma yang menimpa penduduk-penduduk Kampung Berembang.

Jadi, saya ingin meluahkan pendapat saya. Biar kita meneliti keadaan ini tanpa emosi. Mula-mula, kita imbas kembali beberapa kuil Hindu yang telah dirobohkan. Lepas itu, tokong Cina di Bukit Mertajam.

Semasa kuil Hindu dirobohkan, tidak banyak publisiti kerana mungkin kuil-kuil itu memang tidak mempunyai permit. Mungkin juga, kaum beragama Hindu tidak begitu ramai.

Tetapi, pada pendapat saya, pencerobohan tokong Cina di BM memang satu tindakan yang tidak diberi timbangan yang secukupnya. Atau mungkin ia memang satu taktik yang sengaja dilancarkan? Kalau tuan-tuan dan puan-puan masih ingat, pada masa itu kebanyakkan kaum bukan Melayu amat terasa kepedihan yang dihasilkan oleh persidangan UMNO. Kata-kata ketua-ketua UMNO yang ditayangkan secara langsung ke setiap rumah, biar Cina, India atau dll (eheh, East Msians and others dun angry hor?) telah menusuk ke hati semua pihak.

Jadi, mengapa pihak MPSP mengambil tindakan yang melulu itu? Tokong itu telah dibina dan dibiarkan begitu lama. Tidakkah MPSP terfikir untuk tunggu seminggu-dua sebelum menceroboh bangunan itu? Pihak-pihak atasan harus mengambil kira rasa hati pengikut-pengikut Taoist itu. Tokong itu dan patung-patung di dalam adalah objek yang disembah dan dianggap sebagai hikmat oleh mereka. Nasib baik penganut-penganut itu semua tidak memberontak. Buruk padahnnya kerana ia mungkin menjadi satu isu perkauman.

Orang Kristian juga tidak berapa puas hati terutamanya, pihak Katolik Kristian. Saya sebagai seorang Katolik telah diberitahu bahawa terdapat ramai kanak-kanak di kawasan gereja Silibin. Tetapi, mengapakah demonstrasi oleh pihak yang terikut dengan isu SMS itu boleh dibiarkan di kawasan gereja? Jikalau pada hari itu terjadi apa-apa pergaduhan, ramai kanak-kanak yang mungkin cedera teruk.

First they came for the Hindus
Next they came for the Christians
Then they came for the Taoist
Now they are tearing down and injuring innocent women and children in a surau (small mosque)
And I must say my piece to keep my peace.

All the councils are under the Government. The Government is under Pak Lah. Pak Lah, what have you done lately? If this is allowed to continue, the citizens will get even more restless. Though I believe the places of worships and the squatters houses are not built with permits, I want to ask :


BTW, tomorrow, Friday is declared by the [tag]Catholic[/tag] churches in[tag] Malaysia [/tag]as a day of prayers. We are praying for wise management of the issues that affect us. To put it bluntly, the prayers are for the misled. We pray for you, Pak Lah! May you find some wise governance. Do something fast or else, all these little nagging feelings can blow up into serious repercussions. Let our country be rule by God. Not money politics and power crazy people in high offices.

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  1. urmm can i say soemthing?

    if u want the country to be rules by God, then what exactly will be the purpose of the existing Government? The Pak Lah has certainly nothing to do with anything…

  2. Madam Lilian, nampaknya Bahasa Melayumu sangat bagus.

    “Kawan seperjuangan saya – KJ, yang mempunyai blog dia sendiri” mengandungi maksud tersirat ataupun tersurat?

    🙂 🙂 🙂 thanks a lot, kam sia, kam sia. I blog this for humanity.

  3. For that 5 million Ringgit Malaysia palace, the owner was FINED RM 28,000 if I’m not mistaken, please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Well, he can built a house cost RM 5,000,000 and spent RM 3,000,000 for interior design, this fine Rm 28,000 seems like kacang putih to him. Right?

  4. Pak Lah, you are definitely not getting my vote in the next elections. Looks like you are stepping on shit in your ‘Walk the Talk’.

    Awak cakap lain, you punya pengikut buat lain. I guess they have no respect for you. After all these, I have lost respect for you too. So have millions of Malaysians.

  5. “All the councils are under the Government. The Government is under Pak Lah.”

    The government must never forget, they are servants to the rakyat. They have to serve us. They become politicians in the 1st place to help and serve the rakyat. But now, I guess its all about money.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are still politicians whom didn’t forget their objectives. But most of them are screwed. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Sorry Lillian. Beh tahan liao.

  6. terence – Ya, I agree. Pak Lah, I am sure is one of those who are really sincere but somehow, too kind. So it is screwed.

    KJ – The greatest mistake, as I had said earlier was not eliminating the wart (aka Datok Zakaria) from the beginning. Now, he had managed to pull every councils down and no one is going to respect the council anymore. Previously, I had mentioned that the regular Joes have fear of the council and take their actions as the law. But after the palaca incident, no one gives a shit anymore.

    toyoltoyou – Well, you certainly don’t understand the deeper meaning of God. God and money are two ends of a spectrum. There are people who rules with a heart and soul, those who work hard for the betterment of our country. These are the Godly people. Being Godly in this respect does not mean being holy and outwardly shows it. It just means regular, hardworking, clean, dedicated people. The other end of the spectrum, whom we Christians see as the devil is the money. Those who are corrupted, power crazy and have no care for others. Now, understand, boy? God doesn’t mean the unseen hand, who rules like Age of Empire. You probably watched too many movies. Our country needs politicians, leaders and people like Pak Lah somehow is a good guy but unfortunately, too many little setans doing things behind his back and he didn’t eliminate these setans from the start. End of lesson, you are now excused.

  7. It should be common courtesy that anyone seeking refuge in a place of worship should be protected. How can someone be so cruel?

    There’s a few things that worry me. If you look at the past few years and the amount of news like this, you have to wonder what is going on. Has it been happening all the while and now with a bit more ‘freedom’ things are coming out? Or is it just another show of power and money, a smokescreen. While the people are occupied with their problems, lets loot everything. Or does it get dirtier the higher you go up the food chain?

  8. This whole thing is getting out of hand…day by day we’re hearing of more and more outrageous events. I don’t know how long we can all put up with this. You’re right abt doing something abt it before it blows up. I just wonder when it will happen. The top guy says something, and the executors are doing whatever they want, as if the country belongs to them.

  9. I believe that all illegal structures must be torn down – that includes places of worship. Many people won’t accept that but what is the solution then – legalise those squaters and allow them to stay there for free. I don’t think so.

  10. Adam – Tearing down yes. I agree too as you can see I did not protest the tearing down. But at the rate the council men are making blunders, the timing is bad. And yeah, why did they allow a whole kampung to sprout until now? I think generally, the rakyats are interested to see a few big fishes being sacrificed before they can be pacified. Soon, we are going to get international pressure and stuffs like that. Bad for our economy and this can snowball into big problems.

    olivia – Yeah, exactly.

    BawangMerah – Things like the Baling incident and such were probably not that exposed last time. Now with the internet, things can spread like wildfire so it is up to the top guy to squash it before it gets out of hand.

  11. well, there are laws, but laws in Malaysia is always being broken to suit everyone’s taste buds, thus MALAYSIA BOLEH mah!
    not Boleh as can do..but can break all the rules… look at the Mat Rempit terrorising the poor blokes in the Police Station. They don’t think what will happen to them as how the incident in Bukit Kepong is.

    Think, at best, Singapore laws are good, strict and hash on the citizens, but these monkeys need to be drilled up and taught lessons… or else it will ruin everyone, look everywhere…the biggest terror here in Malaysia, Mat Rempit, LPKP, Taxi Driver, Bus Driver (Express Maut)…. hmmn..

    Should do what Sultan Johor loves to do.. he go prowl about…and if things are not in order, he will sort it out there and then, or at most …feed the b***** to his big fat crocs at home,even the singapore defence minister ‘hormat’ the Sultan. Hash yes…but for everyone’s security and safety.

  12. All those squatter areas would not have sproutted everywhere, if the authorities had done their job right.

    There are even areas where hundreds of houses are erected by illegal immigrants (indonesian), but the authorities chose to ‘close one eye’. That’s how it turn into such a fiasco.

  13. For the kampung people, it’s not just a matter of their place of worship being torn down. It was the last structure left standing in the kampung – all the houses were already gone. For them, it was the final blow in the annihilation of their community. I doubt they’re receiving any compensation in the form of cash or land elsewhere. The government has literally robbed them of all the hard-earned investment they put into building their homes.

    Olivia is right, something’s going to blow up. The question is whether it’s going to be in the form of fruitless, destructive riots, or a people power protest by concerned citizens.

  14. malaysia pilih kasih terhadap non muslimmmmmmm!!!!
    why we as non muslim were banned to produce books about our religion!!!but then books about the ustaz writing bad things about christian we sold every where…it is easy to find it!where is justice!!!!?…we as christian never have the chance to express all of these beban we tanggung!!!why?because when we try to tell anything involving religion..the mahkamah said..we r racist..mengganggu sensitiviti org islam…so how about us???didn’t they also not respecting our believe?..we should be respecting each other.we respect the muslims..why they can’t respect us?..

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