Now you can digitally remove underwears and decapitated illicit lovers’ heads

I had been naughty and was surfing for Aaron Kwok and Andy Hui naked photos. I read that you can even see the pubic hairs peeking out. LOL. Aaron Kwok is too gay-ish for me but Andy Hui was quite the man with his small eyes. When I was in Hongkong, I saw him once. So, whoever have the photos, aunty, ok ah? (HELL, I am joking only ok? I kill whoever mail these kind of photos which can give me heart attack. šŸ˜› )

So, what Aaron Kwok said was his underwear was digitally removed. Oh wow, that’s something new!

Many are topless, with Hong Kong singer-actors Aaron Kwok and Andy Hui shown near-naked, with their genitals sparsely covered.

Kwok, who just won best actor at the Chinese Oscars, the Golden Horse Awards, is shown standing, holding a pair of jeans to conceal his genitals.

Hui is shown lying back with a pair of jeans in between his crotch. His pubic hair is visible.

Kwok’s manager, Leung May-may, said in a statement Kwok was wearing black swim trunks at the time of the photo shoot but that his image was digitally altered to show him naked.

(source AsiaOne)
Now with all these Photoshop softwares, I bet we can afford to get into real trouble but can claim that the photos are digitally altered. Remember to make some police reports, tell a bit of lies and tell more lies to the spouses that you have been framed etc etc. Isn’t it marvellous? Photoshop can now help us to get out of khalwat and compromising positions photos! As long as you are a good liar.

BTW, I just learnt ‘Image, Invert’ trick this morning. Fuwah, dem shiok ler…(and if you do not know what I am talking about, aiyor..better dont’ know…. and this post is not about Aaron Kwok)

6 thoughts on “Now you can digitally remove underwears and decapitated illicit lovers’ heads

  1. Image-Invert.
    You mean you can invert the image? like if they took the photo showing their butts, you can invert it to see the front?
    fuiyoh!! terrer neh!

  2. Yeah, until people can make PERFECT super-impose, it is not difficult for expert to find whether the photo is original or PS modified.

  3. haha i’m sure if google the words “kwok or hui picture naked” the site will somewhere up there on top. good traffic flow. use the latest search trends. haha. I know one…

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