Food photos & blogging is so yesterday

Ok lah, I admit that I have been bad in putting into your rss feeds so many posts per day. But there are days when I am extra anal about things and need to rant. Then, there is the freaking earth shattering Sumatra earthquake.

On top of that, there are a few juicy sponsored posts that I cannot resist taking. I can only post two sponsored posts per day per blog and each one must be slotted with a regular post. So hate me. But tell me frankly lah, if you are getting like RM100 -RM200 per day just to write a few sponsored posts, would you hold back in favour of pleasing your blog readers? Moreover, I think blogging as a form of journal is just so yesterday.

Almost every kid in school owns a blog. All the boys and girls have their own blogs. With the screwed up statistics that most bloggers in Malaysia are female, under 25 years old, I don’t think I want to be in that group anymore. I will blog for money, thank you very much. And blog to spread my idealism.

But to the understanding readers, thank you for bearing with me. I know that it can be a pain in the ass if you get too many posts from a blog with paid posts. To make up for that, I belanja you guys some nice food photos:


Salted prawns! Slowly baked in salt. The inside of the prawn is not salty but taste so sweet and yummy.


Salmon sashimi.

And here’s the man I want to marry – Jamie Oliver.  Jamie, will you marry me?

Have a good weekend to all!  It’s going to be another busy weeked filled with family stuffs.

18 thoughts on “Food photos & blogging is so yesterday

  1. hahaa, but i like reading ur sponsored posts too. u’re really creative in relating the products to ur own personal experience, hence they don’t sound very commercialised at all.

    oh, and jamie oliver sure looks more delicious than the salmon or the prawns!

  2. I once rejected offers of sponsorship for my blog saying that it is not a commercial site. Now that I am no longer working, I welcome every little penny I get.

  3. eh wan marry jamie oliver how la? me maybe can poligami but you and atm camna ni? wah those udang.. i feel like eating hokkien mee!! better ask mummy go cook dee =P

  4. I’m curious as to where you obtained the “female, under 25” statistics?

    Wow, marriage proposal to Jamie Oliver ah! O.o

  5. Everyday b4 i start my work, i will login to ur sites and read first. Very good one!!! It is something i must do everyday unless i am very busy or meeting someone then very sad lor – can’t have the chance to read it. You have a nice weekend……

  6. aiyooo.. i will never want to marry a chef ever! nanti jadi gemul lagi, siapa nak jawab? hahaha.. but then again, i was told that ang mohs like their women plump plump! LOL

  7. Salty sweet prawns… haha. If no picture, sounds very dodge 😛

    Walau… 100 – 200 a day. So geng ah? That’s 3000 – 6000 a month. Thats… o.O

  8. shoppingmom – Wah…I see that you are catching some juicy opps too. Good hor? These few days are exceptionally good with USD15 opp per piece.

    wuching – Choy…I only want to learn to cook like him and at the same time, he can cook for me. Anyway, he is not young anymore lah.

    gbyeow – That’s RM la, and not including TLA and Adsense wor. O_O. Hahaha, the tide has changed. Now strategy is into SEM, so you better catch it early.

    ks – Can…but it doesn’t pay for trips to SF and suite with free blonde callgirls wor. Not like yr current job.

    sol – Yakah, aisay…why didn’t someone tell me earlier. LOL.

    samm – Yalor, next payment I get a canggih Macbook lah. Aisay, tok like this later people really believe me susah.

    erina – Hehehe, thank you. Aiyar..just now wanted to go over and get some stuffs but my kids too tired already. I made the banana cake, so beautiful! Will blog that soon. Great pics I got here.

    terence – Hehehe, must go smash up some cars to jazz it up. Hahaha.

    CY – It is in the papers. On my Make$ Money$ blog too.

    azhan – Can lah, two of us elope to Italy where we can cook happily ever after. LOL

    olivia – I also love to stare at the prawns pics. Must go eat again soon.

    Neo – Imagine sajalah.

    Jamie – Dun worry, you can’t cook, so I am not interested.

    Adam – You know what, the trend has changed from Adsense to search engine marketing. SEM is the thing now so there are good opportunities there. I guess after a while, it does seem a bit staid to keep blogging for nothing. One can run out of things to write. So, there is nothing wrong with slotting in some paid posts.

    sooi2 – I am very picky about what I put here. If the amount is not USD10 (for 100 words piece) or if the thing is not something we can laugh over, then, I won’t use this blog. For personal blog, it is very important to maintain our readership la. Because readers are always right. Kehkehkeh.

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