Why are the shopping mall playing instrumental Christmas hymns?

Maybe I am being overtly suspicious. Maybe my timing is wrong. Maybe the shopping malls think  we tend to shop more if they play some funeral-like instrumental Christman hymns. Maybe they can’t afford Pavarotti or Mozart licence fee. Maybe, just maybe.


But I have been to the same shopping mall thrice in two days. And each time, it is like 2-3 hours long. I was looking forward to some ‘O Come Ye All Faithful’ or ‘Hark The Herald’ but what I heard was only sombre Christmas instrumental.


Why ah?  Did I missed out any latest news?  I know that last year, the radio wasn’t allowed to play any Christmas hymns with Jesus’s name in it.  But this also apply to shopping malls?  Aiyor, the retailers rugi lah likedat.  Christmas is the season when everyone (i.e. non-Muslims) tend to spend.  ‘Tis the season for giving.  Bonus time.  Western style.  The feel-good month when everyone wants to buy, buy, buy.  So, how?  Am I wrong or really, no Christmas songs heard over public places?  Aiyor, Jesus’s name  kena banned kah?

HSC choir members, let’s  go carolling there  by the roadside/main entrance?  Busking for a whole month?

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  1. hey, this also means YES sale lah! anyway, the Gurney Plaza xmas deco is really nice ah! i wonder hows the Queensbay mall going on. havent been there yet.. they said 4th floor notcet open, maybe for GSC wan and then ah um.. no line inside the building.. horr!!

  2. Aww, damn,
    The same here too at Jusco Klang! Whadda shit,
    this is too much. May go down to Singapore for a better stress free Xmas and New Year! Ya! Visit Malaysia Year 2007 to see what? Camels next? Btw. RTM’s last nite’s ‘live’ telecast of the International Buskers Carnival at the Dataran Merdeka brought tears to our eyes!! If only we can have such nice feelings everyday! Kudos to the organisers for such International event!

  3. I haven’t told you that I couldn’t find a single-freaking-Christmas-card here in KT, have I? I ran out of Christmas cards and went searching high and low for more cards but failed. *sigh

  4. pelf – Soon our whole nation is going that direction too. But hor, you are not even in the green territory what.

    Blueapple – So, it is true lah. The censorship covers all public places.

    Birds Talking – I missed that by according to my parish priest, the Asian Games opening in DOHA was filled with positive vibes like peace, harmony and understanding themes. That’s what we ought to strive, isn’t it? Instead of this living in fear of one another. Like doh, as if people heard Christmas song, they will tiba-tiba turned to Christ.

    wuching – So true. How geram.

    azhan – Ya, I got the photos of them all. Gurney is the only place to hang around ‘cos I think in that area hor….it can’t be as upmarket lah. Usually you see Sunshine Square, people tends to treat it like their neighbourhood sundry shop, hang around in pasar malam shorts. But go GP, everyone dressed up. Baru ada mood, kan?

  5. next, they’ll ban rudolph oso.

    are they going to ban “choy san yeh” from chinese new year songs too?

  6. sooi – Yalor, I think it is only fair hor, if we don’t get to hear Christmas song, we also must not hear tong-tong-chiang or you know….

    matrianklw – Good idea hor? I’d rather do that than being in 5-star hotels. You see those group of people who huddled in the snow, carolling like those movies/stories? That’s what I want to do! Except that we find some place that has fans with water so that it is not so sweaty. Like mamak stalls. (my son said mamaks will throw roti canai at us LOL)

  7. No la Rudolph is fine. Reindeer only what.
    Anyways, if ppl can lodge police reports over ‘crosses’ on icecream biscuits, just imagine how they will all be drawn to Christianity once they listen to carols. Oh the disaster. How can we deal with such terrible things?
    Lilian go busk outside the mall! Yeay!
    Man I dunno what kind of Christmas spirit is going on in Malaysia now…coming home in a few days and I dunno what to expect.

  8. No leh…we were at Metro (Island Plaza) last Saturday and we heard some nice, jingly Christmas carols being played. I can’t remember which one though but only remember croaking along as I looked for kiddy clothes…

  9. You better watch out
    You better not cry
    You better not pout
    I’m telling you why
    Jesus Christ is Coming to Town (to be sung to the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town) 😛

    Well, we are in Malaysia, what to do? Maybe Jesus is banned from the airwaves because it might cause others to have momentary lapses of their faith and convert to Christianity? (sometimes it seems that this could be the reason, people are afraid that if you talk about Christ or you have the airwaves blasted with Christmas Carols, then the “others” would loose faith in their religion and covert to Christianity. If that was the case, wouldn’t all of us be Muslim’s now, with the regular call to prayers being blasted in our ears all the time…hmmm..maybe that’s the idea and that’s why Jesus is off the Airwaves? No? 😛

    anyway, here’s more Secular Christmas Song’s that’s been changed into Christmas Carol’s instead

    Frosty the Snowman
    Was Jesus Christ’s best friend
    And he stood there melting by the Cross
    Until the bitter end…

    (difference between Christmas Songs and Christmas Carols, songs are the secular one’s while Carols are the religious song’s that sings more of Christ’s birth.)

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