Cyber law mulled to block lies in blogs. Really? Heh!

SITIAWAN: Registering bloggers may be a “stricter” way to stop cyberspace writers from spreading disharmony and lies.

Acknowledging that the registration of bloggers was a difficult task, Deputy Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Kong Cho Ha said that it needed the cooperation of other countries.

Kong said: “We need to have stricter cyber laws to prevent these bloggers from disseminating disharmony, chaos, seditious material and lies.

“We are talking about creating cyber laws to control those who misuse the Internet,” he added.

Kong noted that the high number of bloggers in the country was a good development if they used the Internet constructively.

However, he said, some of them would put up sensational or controversial articles or images to attract readers to their blogs.

“We want our bloggers to be responsible, to keep within the rules and not put up seditious articles that can create disharmony and chaos,” he said.

Citing the example of the recent picture of Gombak MP Datuk Dr Rahman Ismail and Senator Datin Paduka Norhayati Onn, Kong said it reflected the irresponsible acts of some bloggers.

“Now we have cyber laws to check such misuse but the laws need to change to keep up with the times.

“This is because technology changes faster than our laws,” he said yesterday after opening the inaugural computer fair at Dewan Merdeka in Seri Manjung, near here.

The fair was organised by the Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry of Malaysia (Pikom). (source)

Like oooh…I am so sked like that.  My tagline is lies. So, you can weed out bloggers like me, dei?  A bored housewife with too much time in her hands?

And what exactly is the truth?

How do you know that what you think is a lie is actually the truth? And the truth that you want us to know is nothing but loads of bullshits? And how can you be so sure that the two of them did not beromen and lied about it? If people are so free to butcher others photos to discredit the person, they would have done it with more sensational figures and not just them. Like how about Bush and Saddam were actually gay lovers? Ever heard of the sayings, “No smoke without fire?”

Now we have cyber laws to check such misuse but the laws need to change to keep up with the times.

The only party that needs to keep up with the times are those who preach Vision 2020 but live in the tempurung and hoping others do too.

I would say….word censored (word deleted ‘cos today is Sunday) Muahahahar…

19 thoughts on “Cyber law mulled to block lies in blogs. Really? Heh!

  1. vision 2020 my (_i_)

    it’s amazing sometimes, the level of stupidity and ignorance of our leaders.

  2. Wah also die lah..maybe MPKlang sure catch me to clear longkang, trim trees, clean and wash F/A 18 Hornet Jets, and wash MPK Dewan for complaining so much! Ha!Ha!…psst!.(quiet ah?)… putting up our Christmas tree tonite.quite ah!…:-)
    Cheers and regards

  3. Well, they want to “filter” and “control” the internet now… whatever can’t report in mainstream medias, can be found on internet, I believe it is a threat to them.

    But, we are not in the Stone Age……when they will wake up from the Stone Age period? The remarks recently already caused damage to the country; however, they seem want to make the things worst.

    The technlogy changes faster however the leaders’ mind don’t change faster enoguh to pick up. Yet, they still think how to control or “spin” it instead of learn from it.

    Are we communist country? I’m confused.

  4. I would like to stress on the example given by him. I assumed he had consulted by professional computer graphic editor(s) regarding that picture. You may refer here and find out whether he made the thing worst or the other round?
    Internet era or Stone Age?. Really sick to thier attitdude; just blame, blame, blame only but not face it.

  5. Why are they so fearful if people are spreading lies, I guessed they are fearful because people are spreading the TRUTH!


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