Queensbay Mall, Penang

Ok, I am bad. I wrote about the haunted gossip the other day and people who are searching for this newly opened Queensbay shopping mall found it because my post came up tops in search engines. To make up for my big mouth and in order that no one runs away from it, I am going to sing some praises for Queensbay Mall.

IMGP0935I went there this morning and was greeted by real Christmas songs! I like that. Never mind that these are Santa Claus songs. Still nice to be put into the Christmas mood.


After that, there was a group of children dancing and singing at the main concourse. Nice anot the three huge Christmas trees? For Penang standard, I must say this is impressive. I like the bright concourse which faces the sea.

I didn’t manage to walk through all the place, only went to Jusco for lunch. The food court and all the restaurants are packed so we grabbed some Beard Papa and some 1901 hotdogs for a quick bite. I was looking for Borders but had to give up ‘cos the toddler is anal about ‘go home’.


OMG, my #2 son and I have turned into camera freaks. He brought one camera and I brought one. Between us, we shoot each other. His camera has a voice recording and he stole some recordings of me cussing in the car park. Blardy Penang people damn suakoo never been to shopping mall issit? Cilaka man, go up a few more floors for parking la, stop braking everytime you see someone getting close to the car park. Niamah, waste my time only. I don’t know if I dare to play it on my blog. How? Want to hear some live, raw, real, ganas, Hokkien and English cuss or not?

Anyway, Queensbay Mall certainly is airy, huge, bright and very modern. Go.

13 thoughts on “Queensbay Mall, Penang

  1. yea la! the carpark damn noisy when ppl break one. i prefer the top floor, especially if u around the where ah. bukit jambul i tink. that shopping centre.

  2. Wow you so brave to go there. I thought I will leave it for a couple of months when it is slightly less crowded…then I will drop by there.

  3. Din tell them got King Of Majesty song meh? Got the ‘banned’ name wan. Really got Christmas mood wan. No bruff wan. Kakaka. Chinglish tok.

  4. fire80 – Ei, I am kind to the mall, not the visitors lah.

    alex – I dunno where the voice recordings are. I can’t find it in the folder. You see, the folder got video files and jpeg files but no WMV files wor. Been scratching my head why it is not shown. It can be played when the camera attached to the PC but after downloaded the folder, the voice only files are missing. Tiu. Never mind, next time.

    #2 – Hoi, dun play-play la. Later I masuk jail, you sendiri masak, basuh baju, only you know. But yeah, when we were there, the song ‘Jesus is the saviour of the world’ was blasting so loud. LOL, that’s why I so likey Queensbay Mall. No hang-ups, blast the true spirit of Christmas.

  5. eh, Borders not yet opened šŸ™‚ i peered inside the shop, and all the merchandise are up and looked almost ready… probably in a few days’ time šŸ™‚

    by the way, it is at the end on the 1st floor of the ‘busier’ side of the mall (the Harvey Norman and Coffee Bean side)

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