No sexy dressings? That makes 5xmom da bomb!

Let’s go through what I have in my wardrobe compared to the dressing guidelines set by the Kota Bahru Municipal Council :


Body hugging outfits which shows off the body – Checked! I got more than body to shows, I go extra miles of spare tyres too.

Blouses which show the navel – Checked! I got a very nice, deep, navel which happens to be my lifeline when I was in my mom’s womb. Everyone got tali pusat, if tarak, awal-awal sudah mati lor. So, navel is only as sexy as those preverts mind conceive.

See through blouses – Checked! I even wear them to church. But you only can see through when you put your mind to see through.

Mini-skirts – Ok, this one I am not wearing ‘cos you cannot deal with an active toddler wearing mini-skirts. But shorts I wear at the pool got counted or not?

Tight pants – What tight pants? Pants are meant to follow the curves of the butt and thighs, right? What they want us to wear? Aladdin flowy pants?  Arabian Nights?
Eh, they missed out cleavage. You know…itu lurah yang terletak di antara dua bukit?  Sungguh menghairahkan hingga menjilat bibir.  I also got some t-shirts that sometimes dropped further than they should.
Well, considering that this comes only from Kelantan and only applies to workers at retail outlets in Kota Bahru, I wont’ get my panties in a twist. But if it comes from our Government, I will twist their heads.  I go kasi C4 explosives then.

The above pic was taken by my son to tease  me ‘cos he knows I always get lost in car parks.  So, he said he took the photo when I got down from the car so that I can remember which floor I parked my car.  Tiu!  He asked me if I want to instal GPS tracking or take a video so that I can remember which lift to take too.

And that ladies and gentlemen, the stupid ruling just made me feel  like “Do ya think I am sexy,  Do you want my honey…, come on baby let me know”   Oh boy, I am going to delete Kelantan out of my travel itinerary next time.  They are taking one step forward and 100 steps backward.

25 thoughts on “No sexy dressings? That makes 5xmom da bomb!

  1. AhPek – Nay….you dirty minded lor. I testing-testing and sure enuff you say it. This is call lycra lah, body hugging wan.

  2. If wear bikini at swimming pool kena gantung mati or not????
    BTW, when I was in uni (local and very conservative one), we’re advised not to hang our clothes outsides as the boys will have wild imagination looking at our clothes “swaying” in the breeze! And some more, boys stay so FAR away from girls hostel!
    Can you believe this? I hanged my wet clothes in my room for a year then cabut and rent a room outside.
    Then, my clothes were fresh!

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  4. Another no brainer from leaders. MALAYsia Boleh!

    No sexy dressing for woman. So man in Kelantan can walk with their pants down lah. Ask the so called leader to answer this lah.

    Man and woman also creation of God. Ask him to answer this. We sometimes have to evolve with time. But certain people are moving backwards.

    Next time I will walk around KB with my pants half way down showing my butt crack.

  5. Weeeii, my clothes all fall into the banned catogory lah. And your, too tight, kenot wear…. take off, take off now!!! And whilst at it, do hop over to my new blog and LINK ME!!!!!!!!!!

  6. samm – Yalor, like this bungkus, like that bungkus ledi, we feel very suffocated wan ler. At least wear tight-tight, got apek still ogle and makes me feel good mah.

    terence – Wuah, you do that time, fast fast call me go ogle ok? LOL.

    shoppingmum – Ya, hukum gantung. LOL.

    sasha – Even in KT, I oso feel uneasy liao that day ‘cos I was wearing a sleeveless PUMA singlet. I kena laser eyed but dun care ler, I holiday mah.

    If we don’t watch out for this, one day the whole nation will kena this sort of ban. They all tak tahan nafsu, kita jadi mangsa pulak. Tuhan bagi kote, tapi bagi otak jugak. Use the otak to control the kote lah. (oops did I just say that out loud?)

  7. I dun blame ppl for not wanting to go to KB man. I mean, I love the food and the kg folks there but this is just too much. They might as well move men into jungle. But then again, they might just find animals seductive too.

    Bodoh ke ape? They cannot control their pervertive minds and lust…they want us women who are innocently dressed to do the job for them is it?

    Inilah…isteri diorang complain because their husbands all like that. In the end, other ppl kena. Of course, apparently…there are a lot of Thai women dressed in revealing clothing so I guess this sorta contributed to such “rules”. Why not get the council to kick these Thai women back to where they belong and crackdown on all these cases instead of banging on ppl’s doors for khalwat when there is none?

  8. Dear Lilian, Some men like me qualify for cup A brassieres, how can I go to Kelantan Bra-less?? but then again nasib baik this ruling only affects women and not men.. If going by some bicyclists, nothing is left to the magination, tiok m tiok?

  9. “We apologise to non-Muslims if this comes across as harsh but we must respect our Asian culture and religion in public.”

    State Local Government Committee chairman, Takiyuddin Hassan
    The Star, 5 Dec 2006, Page N6

    My dear Mr. Takiyuddin. Please excuse me for saying what that needs to be said; Shove your so-called Asian culture and religion up your ass.To the Non-Malay Non-Muslims, do not let this Mr. Takiyuddin confuse you by attempting to associate Islamic laws with Asian Cultures and Religions; thus hiding his true intentions, which is to slowly introduce Islamic laws via means of deception. I wonder whether he would have approved of Polyandry, which is practised in isolated places in Tibet, or the Consumption of alcoholic beverages such as tuak or tapai for Officiating Ceremonies. Asian cultures also, no doubt. First, these pig-headed religious bigots will attempt to appeal to your worries by claiming that they are as concerned as you are regarding issues of the lowest common denominator; for example in this case, skimpily clad women who are perceived as uncovered meat. Oh, dear! Good for you, good for me! Feels good, Mighty good!

    Probably as a parent, you would agree with him. And as a husband, you would support him. Or as a concerned brother, you applaud his approach. All of you might even think he truly speaks for all races and religions, nay, even a Purveyor of Universal Morality. Hallelujah! ( =P ) Pfah! Caveat Emptor. To buy into his (and his ilk) arguments and attempts to confuse the issue will leave the Non-Malay Non-Muslims to further Marginalisation. Habeas Corpus. Witness the dearly departed Rayappan Anthony’s corpse being fought over like uncovered meat laid out on an Australian street. Do I even have to bring up Corporal Moorthy’s mouldering corpse in order to convince Non-Malay Non-Muslims? If they won’t even relent over dead bodies, what makes Non-Malay Non-Muslims think that these, err, people will concede to the concerns of living bodies?

    The only way to resolve this so-called ‘moral’ quandary (?!?!?!) issues is to sit down together and to come up with a mutually agreed upon set of guidelines or approaches. The worse is to to read ad-verbatim from the Arabian Nights and claim that the Quran says it is so! Yes, Non-Malay Non-Muslims, you can actually best this religious bigots in their own game by merely reading the original version of Arabian Nights, and wallah, you are good to go as an unquestioned Leader In Universal Morality. Might even be qualified to issue a Fatwa or two, like those in India where it can bought for a couple of rupees, if you so desire. Perhaps Mr. Takiyuddin have forgotten that a form of dress code, akin to those practised by Mc’Ds or KFC, could be applied to this case; and without resorting to a scrullious fine or the marketing of the burqa. And to mitigate any form of any extraordinary expense that might be borne by the restaurant owners, they could refer to kitchen and server apparels commonly available in the market. Do us all a favour, Mr. Takiyuddin and other like-minded Hamadryas Baboons of Bani Quraish, stop reading the Arabian Nights and call it the Quran.

    If Non-Malay Non-Muslims take this lying down in a missionary position, or any position at this rate, please forgive me for saying this : You Asked For It.

  10. Wah! so damn stupid! How like that?..Hey is that song about some “…my milkshake taste better that yours.. if. you want some come get it…….”? Kena banned nak?

  11. eh pleaaaaassseeeee la… wat nonsense! why isit that women are the ones who should cover up when it is the men who go gatal? instead of fining women who wear ‘revealing’ clothing, why not invent a gatal detector, strap it on all the men there, and fine those whose gatalness are detected? fairer wat lidat. or let’s make all men wear ball gags

  12. The actual ruling should be :

    Women are free to wear whatever they deem nice.
    Should anyone oogle ‘excessively’ or ‘misbehave’, then they will be send to to be judged.
    (the judges that sit on the court are non other than the respectable ahpek and chanlilian)

  13. I’d like to work with Kota Bharu MC! Can go in search of sexy women; and everyone I come across will have to pay me RM500!!

    Life can’t get any better 😀

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