Do you drool in your sleep?

Do you drool in your sleep?  I just wonder.

When I have a fitful sleep, I will do that. stinks.

Recently, the earth position shifted and the sun rays turned a different direction. By 8 am, the rays will shine right on my bump and face, through the window.  Waking time is 11 am so at 8 am, I am in deep slumber.  But with the sun burning my skin, I tend to unconciously turn in my sleep, and getting dreams.

This morning, I dreamt of Jesus climbing over the wall!  How weird is that? I was like walking down this dusty path with a lot of people and someone told me, “It is Jesus who climbed the wall.  Tell them, tell them.”   I went, “Huh, but I thought it is Lazarus?”  And some woman said, ‘NO, NO, NO!  Jesus.”

Haih..I woked up feeling like I had been stucked in that position for the whole night, with drools dripping.  Ish, what do you think will happened if this is your first night together with a new hunky boyfriend  new husband and he found you drool in your sleep?

Now, I wonder if my dream has anything to do with this news?

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales are to lead a pre-Christmas pilgrimage to Bethlehem.

Rowan Williams and Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor say the trip is in solidarity with Christians because of Israeli security measures there.

Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor has said the town is “blocked in” by the Israeli security wall and checkpoints.

And Dr Williams has warned of an exodus of Christians from Bethlehem.

Both have urged other Christians to visit Bethlehem.

In his Christmas address last year, Cardinal O’Connor, declared that the Christ child would be weeping for the town of his birth as it was “steadily strangled”. (BBC)

And do you drool, well at least, sometimes?  Come on, own up!

16 thoughts on “Do you drool in your sleep?

  1. okay…i drool.. I hate the smell..and the world map it creates on my pillow (that explains why I have to always change my sheets….and pillows)

    But then again, I’ve been drooling less ever since I’ve learnt to sleep on my back, less sideways, and never on my chest =D

    Anyho, drooling is still tolerable…not snoring (with someone snoring beside me, or within audible distance…i can never have a good night’s rest)

  2. Hi Lilian, you are funny : )

    I read your blog every day – check for updates every few hours. you know lah, want to leave the company already, got plenty of time to snaking……….

    As for your question, hmmm…. it may happened to me. i think it was becoz i was totallly flatly exhausted the nite before. it was a nice feeling though. he he he

  3. wuching – Ewwss. are you going to bring it to Malaysia? Use it on the plane too. Hahaha.

    cumene – You too! Phew…I am not so abnormal after all lah. But I don’t do it often lah.

    blueapple – I used to snore too but after the doctor removed my tonsils (due to too much sickness/flu, not because of the snoring) it disappeared. But whenever I get pregnant, it starts.

    samm – Aiyor scandalous lah like dat. Hahaha.

  4. omg! drool is like one of my favourite topics. i drool daily! when i wake up, i can smell drool on my clothes, pillow, bolster(never been washed for 15 years), hair, and face. and best of all, i have a friend who loves to smell my drool. cool onot?!? DROOL RAWKZZZ!!!

  5. That’s the reason using pillow protector 😉 I don’t drool much, only change the protector every 2 months.

    IMHO, girl drooling are cute (with exception of super-overweight girl).

  6. Baby/children drooling is cute, but sensitive to say that, people will think I am pedophile. 😉

    p/s: in 60-70’s, man holding hand is normal, but now worr, man holding hand will be speculated as brokeback.

  7. Hmmm..Jesus Climbing over the Wall? Isn’t that a dish?? OOps!! That’s Buddha climbing over the wall 😛 hehehe

    Somehow this topic of drool right after breakfast left a funny taste in my will not dwelve further before I end up chucking up my breakfast. 😛

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