I feel like a python which just swallowed a whole cow


The best teh tarik in Penang – voted by my son whose tongue has double the number of taste buds than others. Haih…school holidays, new camera and too much time on hands, he actually learnt how to count the number of taste buds on his tongue. All thanks to the internet.


That’s my dinner taken several hours ago and I am still so full. No help that I watched Animal Planet which showed a python swallowed a whole antelope alive. Ewws…including the horns and skull. And now my piece of beef, squid eggs and cucumber are churning in my stomach. According to the documentary, the python doesn’t have to eat for another year.

From here on, the section is for the girls. Question time!


Do you have this freaking, annoying hormone cycle that makes you crave for chillies? I must eat hot, hot, hot chillies for at least two weeks in each month. I think if you feed me the most expensive cuisine minus the chillies, I will burst into tears. In moments like this, I wish I have married a mamak who can cook pots and pots of curry for me. Then, I can eat till like a bosomy mamak lady.

OK, lah, this photo looks sort of cute so I think you won’t feel pukey.  Here’s a photo of my #2 son’s tongue.    He placed some food colouring on the tongue, place a little piece of plastic on it and count the number of pink dots.  (location   to count the taste buds is 0.5 cm from the tip of the tongue)  The little plastic is taken from those three holes puncher.   Compared to the others, he got the most pinkish dots in the tiny area.  Now that explains why he is such a picky eater and I am such a suffering mom.

Argggh…now he wants to test my taste buds.  Help!!! I am at the mercy of the kids.  Here comes the blue food colouring.  STOP BLOGGING, MOM.  OPEN YOUR MOUTH.  PUT OUT YOUR TONGUE!  

Let’s see what my tongue looks like, close-up later.

15 thoughts on “I feel like a python which just swallowed a whole cow

  1. Tell me about the every month cravings. I hate them. I crave of chillies, too. So, all my food has to have chillies on them – curry is better, mamak food is even better, but living in Minnesota, makes it hard to walk out the street and get a heavenly plate of mamak food. Has to resort to chili padi.

  2. eveerymonth i have craving for sour things (esp tomyam) then i wil have tomyam few days in a row and lau sai lau sai lau sai, hahhaha..the pic of the blue n pink tongue geli leh…….i was having breakfast when i saw it..ugh

  3. moby – Hahaha, go grab one. Mamak, teh tarik kau satu.

    QV – I found that my tongue has very little tastebuds except the tip which is to taste sweet things. That disqualified me to be a food taster. I hope that son next time become some high flying wine or something other expensive stuffs taster. Earn big bucks with that tongue! But LOL, he is allergic to prawns and other shellfishes. What a waste of a good tastebud.

    Shooi – He read it from some BBC sites. I oso kena blue tongue. Hahaha.

    budokid – Me too. I want tomyam too. And adding sambal belacan to my instant noodle, wuah…best nyerrr. But come the aunty visit time, kena one big zit normally.

    Dawn – After kena the cili kick already, then all relax liao.

  4. Extreme waste of good taste bud with that allergies!!!

    Somelier he can be, cook he can’t, how unfortunate, unless he doesn’t prepare shellfish

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  6. LOL, ur #2 sounds like one interesting boy!

    i read b4 dat jamie oliver picked the apprentice chefs for his Fifteen’s restaurant by putting the candidates to tasting test: they’ll be asked to taste different dishes blindfolded and name all the ingredients (herbs, spices, sauces, mariades included) used to prepare it… even tho i cook everyday, i think i sure fail the test la. i think eating too much hot & spicy food numbed our tastebuds hor?

  7. sooi2 – Interesting but fussy. LOL. He is the walking encyclopedia. If only he will write what he learnt, his blog will become like wikipedia. Hahaha.

    Derek – Thanks for the invite!

    QV- Sommelier will be good enough. In a French vineyard, with a country home for me. LOL, I can dream, can’t I?

  8. I become a carnivore…craving for lots and lots of meat when the time is near. Now I begin to wonder if craving for chillies is better…at least, one does not put on as much??

  9. lau nuah leh looking at that cup of teh tarik and the dish. been away from pg for abt a yr. followed loh kong 2 suzhou, china 4 his work assignment.
    talk about spicy hot. when i first arrived here, told the driver that i missed spicy food, he mentioned that here also got spicy food! he took me to this restaurant n even helped to order!
    aiyoh yoh, ah mah mah; after a few mouthful of the dishes; the mouth (inside) and the lips became numb!!!!!! their ‘spiciness’ is from black pepper. n is refer to as ‘ma lak’.
    felt like i was having donald duck mouth, even a few hrs later!!!! really felt like swollen..
    n these dishes are szechuan dishes………..
    looking 4ward to wallop nasi kandar next feb. cny trip home! c, have to wait so long…
    btw, i can find roti canai telur here. sold by an indian from kl. guess the cost? rmb18 per pc! convert is rm9 (estimate) . when i first arrived, told myself no way i am goin to pay rm9 for roti canai. a couple of mths later; my 2 boys said, ‘mom, when we eat already, we think of home!” (ownslef also home sick at that time!) ordered 3 pcs…, everyone lahap betul betul!!!!
    hubby laughed ….. mua hahahah (like u)

  10. Yeah, I crave for chillies almost every month. Crave for chillies, chocolates, cultured drinks (Yakult and Vitagen), rojak buah… you name it! Mengalahkan expecting ladies, hehehe. 🙂

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