While everyone has gone dot com… there are people who are still pain in the ass

Firstly, I am happy to share that my blogging comrades, Samm and MG have gone dot com. Several others are getting there too. Gimme a five! Let’s toast to our first million, ladies. Million visitors, million USD or whatever million spams also can.

Some of you may know the reasons why I am shifting my winds direction, blogging endlessly. Some of you may not know and wouldn’t want to pry. It would be kinda rude, isn’t it, if someone asked me upfront, “Are you so hard up for the money? Why are you writing for peanuts?” Well, all I can say is there are good money to be made out there if I take it up as a job. Just today, I had two assignments from ReviewMe and a batch of stuffs from Blogitive. All added up to USD100. On top of that, I get my Adsense, TextLinkAds and PayPerPost. So, don’t you think it is rather foolish to just sit back and not grab the money? Moreover, what do I do with my free time then? Gossip, watching Desperate Housewives or what?

Monthly, I get more than the salary I earned as a full time working mom eight years ago. But right now, I only need to write a bunch of posts. I still have plenty of time to go out as often as I want with the kids. Eat out, to the park, just shopping etc. Plus I get to cook any time consuming stuffs I want.

But there are people out there who are a pain in the ass. A few comments had been deleted (and will continue to be deleted) that I had sold out. Sold out what craps lah? Since when I owe my blog readers? Words also got to me that someone else fark me upside down because I blog for money. Niamah, not like the person is my sugar daddy or sugar mama (gender not revealed) who sponsors my webhosting, pay my bills and shopping indulgences.

So, I am damn pissed with these lot of people :

1) Moral police – Who tries to teach me how to live my life;

2) Religious police – Who loves to use the phrase “And she call herself a Christian?”;

3) Blog police – Who lives in the fuzzy clouds that everyone is interested only in their private life and blog by their rules;

4) Grammar police – Who thinks he is smart to point out my grammar mistakes. Farkiu, I never invite you to read my blog so don’t blardy comment like you are my English teacher, ok? You never drop me any comment on any happy or sad occasions but think you got the right to point out all these trivial things? Go back to your sorry sad of corner of your blog and write about your dog lah.

Over and out. And pttuii…to the four groups of people.

Cheers to all those who understands why I have to work the fingers and the brains every day.

25 thoughts on “While everyone has gone dot com… there are people who are still pain in the ass

  1. Kudos to you …. I said the same, ptuiii them. Can’t live a day without reading your blog. Your blog is fabulous :o)

  2. Lilian…is me bad lah not my bad…Opps…am I blacklisted too..Very the scare………LOL…

    Life is too short…no need to care what people think and said…”Hwa Hee Thou Ho”…

  3. Aiya.. Can see one ma… If its a PPP thingy, jus continue to scroll down shj la….

    I enjoy viewing ya pics and i love reading ya blog even more…

    Happy blogging kay… Not worth getting pissed =)

  4. Wahhhh, thx for the promo wohh. My blog also not ready yet…. aiya. Like soft launch liddat. Still botak sommore…. damn shy bout it now.

  5. Don’t bother about those lousy people.
    One blogger too – kind & generaous Aunty Yochana (http://auntyyochana.blogspot.com/) was commented rudely by an anonymous reader/blogger who can follow Aunty Yochana’s recipe or maybe inexperience in baking/cooking.
    Lilian, I hope bloggers like you and Aunty Yochana continue writing despite these lousy ppl.

  6. I always wonder abt these “people” one. If u don like what u read, just leave. Don like the blog entry, mah skip it lo. Faster than typing a comment right. Afterall, nobody ask them to read.

  7. Don’t have to be so lou hei.
    Life is interesting because there are so many different kind of person around, right?

    Just know that we enjoy reading your blog very much.
    We can’t please everyone.

  8. Ahh, as long as there’s something interesting to read, I don’t care much. Lainla kalu every post also got promote product. Or worse if got popup la. Then memang kena ban from reading. heh

  9. AhPek – Wuah, don’t bantai too hard cos one day only two posts allowed. LOL.

    BawangMerah – I keep everything away from my personal blog cos sayang to lost the plot, kan?

    budokid -Tenkiu!!!!

    yenjai – Sometime I oso wonder if these types of people simply come to strangers’ blogs and criticise, I wonder what they are like in real person? I think they must be lonely, poor souls with no friends.

    QV – šŸ˜›

    Shooi – Yalor and the worst is some of them did not want to go play far-far but lurks around waiting for something to pick on.

    Agnes – I got that before too. I put up some cakes which are store bought and this woman said, if I don’t want to share recipe what for I put up. Cilaka mya orang.

    samm – Like that mah make you grow hair faster lor.

    ksin- actually i already very discerning with what i posted liao cos if i want, got plenty to post but i value my regular readers more than those $$$ lah. But on other less read blogs, I hit away.

    iblogtogod – Ya, I know what you mean. Their favourite are to quote Bible verses like ‘do not judge, or let ye who have no sin cast the first stone and plank in your eyes’ kinda things. Tius, sometimes feel like take the heavy book and slam their heads and ask them to read deeper.

    KJ – I no pick on politikus so must let off steam on other things mah

    JM – Tks

    Tehsee – *smacks hand*

    Peyton – Hehehe.

  10. Aiyooo! Why I kenot comment? I just wanted to say thanks for the traffic and Yaaaaaaam Seng! (If you see my previous comment repeated please delete. Thanks.)

  11. It’s all because of you!!!

    Now you see, I also get the itchy dot com fever liao. Why must you spread it to me har? Now I cannot sleep, eat, drink, pang sai, pang jio, without thinking of dot com this and dot com that.

    And it’s all because of you!!! Aaararggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  12. kakakahh…i cum bek for the video coz last nite only watched halfway.

    which farker sed u’re writing for peanuts?? unless the farker is a writer himself (assuming it’s a him), how wud he knows how much a professional writer is really earning nowadays? he thinks every writer on earth earning like JK Rowling kah?? farker!

  13. You write the best stuff, they are super insteresting ro read – keep pounding on the keyboard! Those idgiots are just too anal – they are the ones who have a full meal and have nothing else to do but bi*ch.

  14. it’s your blog….buatlah apa apa yang patut….i agree with yenjai..there are all kinds of manusia lah…

  15. auntie, u very rocks.. i love your posts šŸ™‚
    and i totally understand how it feels, although i’m still new :p

  16. Wow!! Ms Lilian, your blog roxxz!!!

    Don’t care what those ppl say-la. Alwiz tok kok….

    Love your blog. The posts keep me happy and joyful while being in sunless and dreary UK…

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