Shh….don’t disturb please…house owner having itchy fingers



See I can fit in my ads properly or not first. Dun ka-ka-cau-cau hor?

It is so fun to download new themes for WordPress and give this blog a facelift for Christmas. I wanted a winter theme but decided on bright yellow tulips instead because this template works well. The only sucky part is when it is on IE6, the right column sometimes run to the bottom of the page.

Anyway…thanks for all the feedback on the template.

14 thoughts on “Shh….don’t disturb please…house owner having itchy fingers

  1. wah lau! try to do some new design or image for next year leh! Nice color wor. I were shock when it’s begin to appear. Thought I key in the wrong address. Mana tau ada new image. hahaha

  2. Omg auntie lilian,what happened?? Didn’t visit your blog for 2 days already change so much. At first I oso though I wrong address liao. Haha. Btw,nice orange theme you have. Why dont want try Christmas??

  3. Eve -Hahaha, I sienz mah so change template lor.

    mama nuzul – Sungguh ceria ya

    fire80 – Does it make you want to drink Sunquick?

    maR – šŸ™‚

    JM – I suddenly got the urge to change, so mah change lor.

  4. Change is good! I like it. It looks refreshing!

    It also makes me wanna have a nice cold glass of orange juice. šŸ˜‰

  5. eh got 2 eve here wor..nvm long as aunty dun confuse hor?…nice face lift…kena biasakan diri la..wahh..boleh bikin luit ini macam..baguih lah..tengoklah..ada masa i pun cuba..

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