Year end = bonus = employee appraisal = promotion = tears

And that’s something that I no longer have to worry about. Yippee! I just got a bunch of year 2007 calendars and realised that it is year end which used to be a time of agonies. I was a secretary to the big boss and due to the nature of my work, I get to peek at employees’ appraisal forms. It was the shittiest feelings because colleagues whom you cared for sometimes get bad reviews. The feeling is like a mute getting stung by bees. You can’t scream, you can’t make a sound.

The best part of working is of course, I was only under one boss who fixed the amount of my increment. The worst part is I knew who gets more than I do. And the sorrows to see your favourite colleagues’ proposed increment getting chopped off and trimmed by the several tiers of bosses. It is a pity really because some of them were based on emotions and if you lacked that apple polishing trait, you are a goner. Back then, my company has none of those sophisticated employee appraisal software.

Gee, come to think of it, don’t you guys hate working? I have a breezy, easy, light feelings all the time of the year. None of those angsty feelings that churn in your stomach as you await for the increment letter. Woohoo! Admire me, babes! Eat your heart out! I have no boss, no increment, no bonus, no annual leaves, no promotion, no salary but no disappointment nor tears. Nyek!

7 thoughts on “Year end = bonus = employee appraisal = promotion = tears

  1. frankly speaking…i pity those who slave over bonus and increment…….if the salary is good…..rephrase..the trick is to negotiate a good salary to start with. bonus and increment is just extra.

  2. In the last organisation I worked with, they followed a points system. I was really happy because I got a Cemerlang the first year itself and worked harder. 2nd year no Cemerlang even though my evaluation points were higher. The reason. I got it the year before, so I can’t get it again the next year. Have to give everyone a chance. Isn’t that so demotivating.

  3. I like your new layout :0) Me tears banyak banyak (alot)
    company not making much but still have to give bonuses no
    matter what happen ‘sob sob’

  4. Alamak.. What to do.. Work to live or live to work?

    All are governed by the $$$.. šŸ™

    Work hard, get more $$$? Work hard oso means more stress, get sick, oso spend more $$$, in the end also hv to find $$$ again.. Vicious cycle.. ^_^

    Aiii… I envy you-la… Work at home, have your kids around you, take a relaxing side to life. šŸ˜›

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