Friendster’s blogs – FAQ SOS, anyone?

Anyone knows if Friendster’s blog is free? I tried getting a group blog for a bunch of youths but it kept driving me to billing section eventhough I chosed the free service with ads included. How lah?

I cannot use any other Multiply or Blogspot or wateva free service because these group of youths already got their own Friendster accounts so it is easier to rope them in for a group discussion.

And don’t laugh, I am just starting up the project, later I don’t want to have anything to do with Friendster ler. I am not 16 years ok?

Dateline : Tomorrow. Quick. Help anyone? Why I cannot sign up for a free blog wan?

And do they provide a forum as well? I know I can find the answers in the fine prints but I too tired to digest them. PLEASE!!!! Somebody help me…..arrggghhhh

9 thoughts on “Friendster’s blogs – FAQ SOS, anyone?

  1. Yeah! I am the first one to reply. Am surprised because Friendster’s blog comes with your account. I mean it’s free. However, I don’t know if they have a blog for groups.

  2. It’s free, as Adam mentioned, bundle together in the account. They had bulletion features,but not forum.

  3. Ya hav got all the unswer ya wan… the ‘group’ can act as a forum.

    n yes, blog is free over at Fs

  4. K Sin – Haiyoh, I am still hunting for that blardy button! I joined friendster, then click on the blog button and it leads me to some payment site. Tiu, tried until sienz.

    CLF – I said so earlier in the post – the youths are all in Friendsters so we want to launch some project by calling them to check out a Friendster blog and get them to write from there.

    And #1st son still too busy to help me out. 🙁

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