Look ma, I am earning USD on PayPerPost!


This is a screenshot I took from PayPerPost main page. I am the top earner for the day (or maybe moment when I took the screenshot)! Whee! USD51 per day, earned USD833.28 per month and over USD1K since I joined. One of the person I referred, philin is also on the top earners list. Gimme a five, philin!

So if you have a blog that is hosted on your own or blogspot, faster sign up. You can get the referral link on my sidebar. Nay….the blue green button? (please note wordpress.com the free service doesn’t allow you to blog for Payperpost.) What you can do is to get your own domain and move your blog over. You should also read my Make$ Money$ blog for more tips.

With my other ads income, I am now earning more than I was previously when working as an Executive Sexyturkey to the Assistant Execution Chairman. Just the other day, Bryan, my webhost cum chettiar (Indian moneylender hehehe) cashed some four figure income from my PayPal for me.

My greatest pleasure is to encourage more moms to try it out. Who knows, you may be able to afford to be a full-time mom to your baby? Lots of the ladies from the United States find this a workable method. Or at least get enough money to buy all the frivolous stuffs you fancy without any nagging from the hub.

Go join [tag]PayPerPost[/tag] NOW! The blue green button on the side bar is waiting for you.

20 thoughts on “Look ma, I am earning USD on PayPerPost!

  1. *clap clap hands* yehhhhhh. Eh, how to put the ppp thing onmy site ah? Nay, the blue green one on the left sidebar lahhhh….

  2. samm – on the dashboard, got the rockstart, payperpost affiliate and some webhost button? Click the payperpost affiliate to get the code. Cun lah! I got one affiliate liao. Thanks to someone name CYT!

    sooi2 – Like the current situation, mana boleh?

  3. Bryan, I want I want! But in a month time ok! Want to wait for more payments period from my PPP to be cleared first!

    Lilian, congrats! I wish my name would be on that list too, but I just don’t have the time to blog that much in a day.. 🙁

  4. Money money money money..money!!! ( Apprentice )

    thnks for the info sifu
    btw…now your web look very very preety…like it a lot..envy u…

  5. Congrats, Lillian – I saw you up there last night! And now I’m trying to figure out where your other entries are because the ones on this blog certainly didn’t equal that total. 😉

  6. EH Mak Cik!
    Come to LET YOU READ the Fine Print of the TOS, cos I also kena hantam for fastest-fingers-opp sniching

    No blog postings may be placed on blogs published specifically for the purpose of publishing our opportunities and receiving remuneration through the Service, whether or not the page content is relevant.

    No blog posting can be made on “blog for money” community blogs such as blogcharm, bloggerparty and writingup.com.

    Also:You must not focus your blog just to make money……

    just to let you know…and congrats are in order

  7. wow, that’s some interesting info 😛
    what do u need to start off ?
    credit card ? paypal ? 😛

    btw nice template 😀

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