Make your site snowing for Christmas!

Want to join in the Christmas mood? Go get your WordPress snowfall plugin from Andy Beard. It is easier than making a snowball.

I have never seen real snow falling down except in those lame, ahkua, ahbeng, ahlian artificial snow house. You know… those in Genting, Mines Wonderland, amusement parks in China, Hongkong?

So, let’s make a wish I get to see real snow by next year. *pray, pray, pray*

Andy Beard makes it very easy. Just download the files, upload to your plugin, activated and it is snowing.

Now, I feel like going back three years in time when I was just twiddling with Yahoo Geocities site and playing with all those dynamic html stuffs. Aahh….so nice.

Plus I think this template will stay for a while ‘cos it works well in IE and Firefox. And don’t tell me the snow doesn’t fit into the bright, sunny, yellow tulip meadow, ok? I also know my pages aren’t working. The link is screwed.

16 thoughts on “Make your site snowing for Christmas!

  1. New look and feel ah… got snow somemore! I have never experienced real snow before, wait let me go check my fridge first, maybe can find there šŸ™‚

  2. moo_t – Tenkiu, tenkiu. šŸ˜›

    budokid – Got….I am tok3tok4 strong supporter. Nay…LinPeh said I sound like 18 years old one lor…(actually, I hire piaomei to sing for me lah)

    blueapple – Go instal lah, very easy oni.

    yenjai – You can change the snow to money if you want. LOL. Yahor…wait Chinese New Year time, I change to angpow or something.

    Ahpek – Change to g-strings, bras and humsup stuffs like that lor. The plugin owner will turn purple to see his creation become likedat. LOL.

    wuching – I want to go to the mountains then!

    Neo – I heard morgue oso got. Hahaha.

    Wingz – Apalah lu, gua is female, not shemale ok?

  3. the blogger oso getting a new bobbi brown set wat…only fitting to see the blog getting
    some new colour too! šŸ™‚

  4. Wah liao…

    New look and feel… Sui-le!!!! Sets ppl in the X’mas mood. ^_^

    Wahh.. Can’t wait for CNY, got fireworks or not? Since M’sia cannot play fireworks anymore.. -_-

  5. Hi

    Thanks for the mention

    You might find changing one of the settings quite useful. It is possible to have the snow falling all the way down the page as people are readng.

  6. My elder son simply adore your white snow :0). He insist
    sitting beside me while i read your blogs ….. wah lau
    your blogs not only popular with the adults and teenagers….
    now attracting the younger generation.

  7. uhm… little bit embarrasing, but i have to admitthat i have no idea how to upload the plugin unto my blogger site…. help? hehe >

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