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Kelantan termiang di Malaysia

Negeri ini negeri Kelantan
Di bawah putih punya bulan
Luar sana alim belaka
Rupa-rupanya miang mereka

Ini tak boleh, itu tak boleh
Baju seksi haram di cafe
Perempuan semua kena bungkus
Jantan semua gila terus

Hari-hari cari seks
Internet for porn and sex
Gambar lucah, gambar bogel
Top 10 perkara mereka Google

Wahai, orang-orang Kelantan
Jangan tergila seks , baik gostan
Jangan terikut itu nafsu
Baik belajar jadi kiasu

Untuk apa cari cerita seks Melayu
Itu haram Tuhan tak setuju
Dilaknat Tuhan punggung berasap
Sebab naik gian, iman melesap

Tu dia, bukti saya
Bukan rekaan ini nyonya
Google trend tahu rahsia
Kelantan termiang di Malaysia

Banyak geli hati saya
Bila Prof. kata biasa saja
Lagi control lagi gatal
Sampai anak sendiri pun bantai


Fuwaahhh….I managed to use all the keywords. *waits for surge in traffic*

17 Responses to “Kelantan termiang di Malaysia”

  1. Actually I find your poetry to be very offensive.

    – MENJ

  2. lols …. tummy ache tummy ache moreover baru habis makan supper

  3. cili – Full of rhymes hor? I had wanted to write this the whole day since I read the paper this morning.

    Menj – And I am not surprise too! 😛

  4. LMAO.. Very funny lah u lilian..

  5. Ini macam gua bolih bungkus balik kampung liao lah!

  6. HAHAHAHA!! Aunty, you basically crack me up!!!

    I do not find it offensive…
    People find things offensive when it touch their hearts and therefore,
    1. Its either true of what is said, or,
    2. They are afraid that its true and therefore they take offense and try to deny it by
    being offended.

  7. My god, you’re good at pantun!!!

  8. you go aunty…fuwahh hope lelaki2 Kelantan in my office x termasuk dlm golongan itu. takuttttt

  9. People can accept hypocrisy but cannot handle the truth!

  10. it’s quite funny..
    of course it’s offensive, in a way..coz the truth is the shame..

  11. JACQ – ‘Cos it is a rebuttal for all the things they had said that caused us women to feel like a piece of meat.

    AhPek – Sifu pantun – coming from you, gua manyak gembira lor.

    QV – Heh, I ain’t say nuthin. The Google Trend proves it! I am only the messenger. Hahaha.

    shoppingmum – I got Kamus Pelajar right in front of me to thumb through the rhymes. Now my secret is out.

    ginamama – Actually, Kelantan folks I know are all nice-nice lah, cuma I am poking fun since they had been so strict with the dressings to curb rape pulak.

    tehsee – So true.

    yatz – It is kinda offensive, I know. But what’s that compared to all the major offensive things being thrown around ya?

  12. hahahahah…”bogel” and “google” got rhyme meh??

  13. sooi2 – Got…the letters g, e and l all place differently only mah. Bogel googel bogle google arrggh…now I am going to spend the whole day thinking of what rhymes with bogel.

  14. When I log in and read, I were tengah makan lunch. Immediately stop and continue to read. By the time finish reading, sudah gelak sampai kenyang. Ended up nasi pun tak jadi habis makan………… Hehehe. You are rite, the more they ask them to tahan the more gian they will be

  15. Siapa makan cili, dia yang rasa pedas. Islamic state somemore. Cakap tak serupa bikin.
    Well, the truth hurts.

  16. HEHEHEHE..I like terence Comment, give me 5 terence, sentiments echoed likewise in mine above.

    Keep it up Aunty

  17. wat abt “…gambar telanjang, Top 10 di-google utk batang panjang.” LOL!

    welcome bek the old template…kinda miss ur dynamic flickr banner!