Curry kenduri

Taking a breather and found this video. You just can’t get it out of your mind after listening to it.

Gotta run!


I got a big pot of kapitan curry chicken to bring for a farewell! Who wants some. The photo is just chillies, onions, tumeric and lemon grass.

4 thoughts on “Curry kenduri

  1. ME!!!!!!!! Omg leng lui auntie u always make me hungry!!! Purposely avoided your food blog at 4am and you’re tempting me here with the curry! Bad bad bad bad!!!!!

  2. Just went “jalan jalan” for a few days off to holiday and came back to this…Did I went to the wrong site? No lah..saw auntie’s pretty picture….I love the snow flicks very much..Hope your prayer will come true.

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