My Adsense dropped like mad & my mind is a jumble

So, goodbye beautiful template, sorry best performing template for ditching you momentarily.

I had posted why I changed my template back again in my Make$ Money$ blog. It is not just a small drop but huge one, like 60% decrease.

Anyway, folks my apologies for not responding to all your comments these few days. From now until middle of next year, I am going to be so busy. School re-opening means back-to-school shopping (I hate that!). Christmas coming and I am so dead because I do not know what to buy for two women – one is my godma and the other Auntie S. Both have everything so there is nothing new I can get for them.

My sisters-in-law came to my house yesterday and asked when we are going to invite them for roast turkey. *sweats* My Christmas weekend has been so tied up with carolling and mass. I thought of not inviting them earlier to cut down one major stress. But now, how not to? (tiu lor, Chinese New Year want to come, Christmas also come, I can die of stress I tell you)

This is the last year we are going to sing under Gerard Chan so I am going to make sure I don’t miss any one of the group carolling. Things will not be the same without Gerard because only he can scold, yell, scream but lovingly brought out the voices in us. (right Matthew?) I tell you, our voices in unison and the hymns we sing are on par with those you watch on international Christmas concert. (Of course, we also have great pianist like Bart and the others)

Since Saturday until now, I had been spending 3-4 hours in church doing stuffs and I am enjoying it very much. Nothing like hands-on doing things I love. Plus I enjoy preparing foods for big groups and had been bringing foods which means more time needed in the kitchen and not on the PC. Oh boy, there is no satisfaction like people walloping my kari kapitan, lemon poppy seed cake and special sauce cheese sausages.

Plus I got some real work on the PC which has a dateline of Dec 24th and I need some focussing ‘cos I am helping with some church matters. So, I can’t be running around blogs when doing that or else I forget where I was.

I hope with all the running around, I am going to get thinner and thinner so that I can fit into some nice clothes for my niece’s wedding in Melaka in January. Talk about that, Melaka people, can tell me? The wedding is in Legacy Melaka. Is it kick-ass expensive? If yes, is Hotel Puri ok?

So, folks, if you don’t see me replying to your comments, it doesn’t mean that I never read it. It is just that I am finicky about replying comments. I have to scroll up and down to see that I had replied each comment individually and sincerely.

If you have read thus far, you got breathless catching up or not? Oh ya, I also have to write that few paid post to sustain the mood.

9 thoughts on “My Adsense dropped like mad & my mind is a jumble

  1. Just for my own record – Three hours after I changed back to this template, my personal blog has gone up from the fifth placing (amongst all my other blogs) to be number one again in daily income total.

  2. This layout easier to read lah. Melaka? Visit me ah?

    Legacy is quite high class but the hotel is not doing well. Locals say its haunted. I am not local ah! People kepoh to me.

    Hotel Puri?? Naza hotel nearer. Stay at Renaissance lah. Email me. I have good rates there.

  3. Moral of the lesson: Stick with what is performing well and dnt bother to change things 2much šŸ˜› However, it was a nice template, but rather sticky to navigate with the snowflakes falling down šŸ˜›

    Aiyoyo, heavy schedule lah you aunty, somehow, Images of Lynette Scavo keeps running in my mind when I read your posting above..hmmm..remember the episode where she took her son’s pills, the one for ADD šŸ˜› hehehehehe…dnt be tempted to do the same ah aunty!!!

  4. I stayed in Hotel Puri in April this year. This place is very romantic la.. I wouldn’t mind having my ceremony at the garden there.. But the place not big oh..

  5. JACQ – The wedding is at Legacy but my sis gave us two hotel leaflets.

    QV – LOL, I only need coffee and a couple of blogs to write. Write blog = sit down = relax = unwind = $$$.

    AhPek – Got one….Wuah, I didn’t know that my template so kerng until I change it. Few hours only, the clicks come back. Earlier, so flowery until people can’t see the ads. LOL

    Terence – I see the Legacy colonial style wan hor? But easier to stay in Legacy lah, no need to get lost in Melaka when going for the dinner and tea ceremony. Ok, once my dates are confirmed, I mail you definitely.

  6. Hotel Puri – it is unique “MUST STAY” hotel. You must book early. If you failed to get a room, you are free to visit the hotel surrounding(and mumbles for not getting a room there, hahahahaha. ).

    BTW, it is not easy to lost your way in Melaka, because you can alway refer to the unique landmark on the map.

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