Who has been naughty and nice?

I just spent four hours at Queensbay Mall with my #1, his gf, #3 and #4. Fuwah…dem song man. The place is really huge! After getting home, I just realised that I still haven’t reach Borders yet. I had this booklet of coupons with me from Jusco so each shop I went, I will go, “Ei, I got Jusco coupons, your shop got special gift anot ha?” Very auntie hor?

Anyway, I went to this Faceshop and quite like their stuffs. Maybe it is because of the adorable, sweet and pretty male promoter who is so clever in promoting this Korean stuffs. Bought one lip gloss, one hair spray, one face mist and one OMG, I am so ashamed to say this but I bought one shaver for my eyebrows! I told the sweet boy that I want something for my lion mane and he has just the stuff for me without making me feel like Alleycats (tks to someone who emailed and reminded me not to go near candles during Christmas in case my afro caught fire LOL).

The other day when I was at Bobbi Brown cosmetic counter, this promoter go and shaved and shaped my eyebrow. Now I have stubbles on the eyebrow and I look like Kuan Koong (some Chinese mystical god of war) ‘cos the eyebrows almost grow into one line. (this is a good feature in Chinese face reading. People like this got ‘haam’, something like got power likedat lah. You see Menj’s eyebrow before? That kind lor. Very ‘seh moh’ type.) So, I got no choice but to continue shaving those stubbles off until after Christmas lor, when I don’t get out of the house so often. I wonder if I keep shaving the hair will grow and grow and in the end, I become Gandalf? LOL. I need to gel up the eyebrows or else I can’t see? Or like Sek Kin?


Anyway, it is nice to go buy lotsa stuffs for some children protection home. Cooking Island (Erina & Lawrence’s shop selling cooking ingredients) is giving the children there a treat this Friday and I want to tumpang makan. So, since it is Christmas, I might as well buy a little gift for them.


Now my next assignment is to divide those things and wrap them up. If any one of you knows Erina & Lawrence and wish to pass to them some gifts for the children, do give them a call. It is this Friday. The Children Protection Shelter is in Scotland Road and houses about 15 children who are either abused children or orphans. And if you can’t make it, I am going to St. Joseph Home sometime end of this month, I think 30th Dec. Can tumpang me also. Of course, this is not an official funds raising thingie, merely a goodwill.

So have you been naughty or nice? (pls see this Google search. LOL, no wonder my traffic so high lah)

17 thoughts on “Who has been naughty and nice?

  1. terence – Ok lah, I send one car over to you? Which kaler you like?

    BTW, our Perdana baru kambek from workshop wor. Going to enjoy the new car smell now.

  2. Bryan – No lah, it is the same old car that kena flooded. More than one month already baru finished repair. But got new leather smell lah. Just only all the people in my apartment start to move their cars to higher grounds cos we thought going to flood again. Now my personal car also insured against flood, riot, tree falls etc. Kiasi liao.

    fire80 – Rugi besar so have to go back to this template. That one, my ad income dropped until rock bottom.

  3. Spent a few hours at Queensbay too on 3rd Dec…people mountain people sea, so didn’t buy anything. The Borders not yet open then. A lot of other shop haven’t opened then. After that I went to the PC Fair for the last day’s offer. Also people mountain people sea. Penang was literally ‘flooded’ during that few days. Everywhere also traffic jam like crazy. It was fun though.

    PS: My pressie ler, auntie? =>

  4. Ayooiii Lilian talking bout preventing yr hair caught fire hor …. me younger day hor coz of my too straight hair i go prem prem like maggi mee style. One day, I lit my cigi hor, the fire shoot too high, burned front and side fringe and brow ….. teruk teruk ….. 2 to 3weeks penjara (jail) ‘sigh’.

  5. LOL Ok lah, later when I have some time, I go take big big pickchures of the stuffs.

    Hijackqueen – Got liao…Out shopping and lunching with me somemore. Hehehe.

    wuching – How lah, it looks like I am passing KL on 8th Jan, won’t have time to stop cos we are travelling from Melaka back. Kids got school.

    Peyton – Hahaha, you ended up with extra frizz, good what. Free perm.

    paris – I got the eyeshadow, nice browns suitable to make my puffy eyes less puffy.

    clare – Yalor, last Sat. we can’t even get to Gurney Drive roundabout to go to Gurney. Chisin…so many people, mostly from out of towns I think. It will only get worse.

    Anon sapoter – Yalor, how come four hours just whizz by so easily in Queensbay hor? Lucky free parking now or else koyak poket.

  6. its ok..they say if its written in the heaven that we shall meet, then we will meet but if its not written, no matter how we plan to meet can never meet wan! hahahahahaha

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