You can smell the Malaysia general election in the air when…

a bunch of politicians are ready to sweat it out in the hot sun, under a small tent, outside my apartment unit guard house at 12 noon with smiling faces.

I had wanted to take a photo of them the other day but I was in a rush to go out. Moreover, I was taking my DSLR camera so it is too eye-catching to do so. But it is nice to see there are people who are willing to stand in the hot, hot, hot, killing, burning sun to greet us residents with a smiling face, ever ready to help and serve. (duh)

The dacing flapped in the air. The machine to check our constituency on the table and they are ready to pounce on anyone who go near to grab our votes. I am not from this area where I am living but somewhere far far away. Been thinking of changing over here but too lazy to go near over friendly people. Maybe I can bring them some ‘End of the Word, The End is Near’ leaflets I picked up from those scary Christian evangelists (no, not my own church but some freakish travelling angmohs who speak Mandarin). Maybe if they get too chummy, I take out those leaflets and preach end times to them? LOL. Sure to get them to faster faster get their job of changing my address and waving bye-bye to me.

***If you will please excuse my typing errors because I am not wearing my contacts right now. I am typing with my ‘feel’ only. Lately, I haven’t been using contacts lenses that often due to fear of getting an eye infection again. After reading all those scary news, one can never be too sure. ****

πŸ˜› ;P

Now I just wonder, if I decide to take up politics and run under independent party, what symbol shall I use. Bull’s head have been taken. Umbrella too. How about auntie’s panty? You think can ah? BTW, when is the next general elections? 2008 right?

14 thoughts on “You can smell the Malaysia general election in the air when…

  1. mott – You just gave me an idea for the tagline “We cover everything!” LOL, good hor.

    Keen – Looks like it.

    sooi2 – And we rakyat get good budget

    RyeUrn – Heh.

  2. Yes..agree.

    The MCA starts to shout they “contribute” how much money to XXX school, and “shout” how many chinese primary school(s) going to build next year.

  3. try bra as symbol πŸ™‚ that might attract many male voters.

    btw, i think those independent party symbol are pre-selected. so you can only choose from the provided ones.. πŸ™‚

  4. i wanted to run for the 2008 elections as well but my teacher said i didn’t fulfil the criteria – waras.

    how about bras for logo?

  5. Next General Erection…I mean General Election should be in 2008, but people are thinking that Badawi would call it in 2007 to prove to Mahathir that he’s in charge and will be able to run the country better than him and win more seats than Mahathir.

    Personally, I hope he loose more seats than Tun M.

    Aunty, you want to stand for erection..I mean election ah? as wahlau said, independent party symbols are pre-selected, rather unfortunate lah..wldt mind seing aunty’s panties in the air, but I fear PAS might run amok at the sight of it hmmm..then again..good tactic, as they would be so engrossed with the sight of the panties that they would have eyes only for it πŸ˜› hahahahahahahahahaha If you do stand, tell me ah, I fly over and campaign for u!!

  6. Election make no different to people who work hard for everyday living.

    BTW, if you wish to run for candidate, first , you must pay the 3rd world discriminate election “deposit” – RM5000.

    First world Europe country like German discourage money election, in order to prevent the elected personnel exploit the position to “earn back” the “election money”. Candidates will be disqualified if they distribute ANY poster, free gift, etc. And the account is well audited to make sure they didn’t spend too much money on their “assistant”.

  7. Lilian what about yellow kaler almost ripe banana (a little green on the side or top), wearing pink tutu for logo? Can represent woman, man, young, old and all races wor ‘evil grinning’

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