I just got into something new

I am busy learning new stuffs like buying my own domain, setting up the site and getting it to run. It is a totally new experience to me because previously I rely heavily on my webhosts like Paul Tan and now, Bryan. I know nuts about how to buy a domain from scratch and getting it to run.

It is a few hundred bucks of thrill of course but heck, it is worth playing with because it comes painlessly from my PayPal which I earned from my paid posts. I am excited about it because it will be a place for my bloggers friends. So, folks be good and be nice and hopefully when I find time, I will get it running.

Woohoo…it is not even the new year yet and I am already learning new things.

Meantime, you will have to excuse me because my dear hubby just mumbled in his sleep last night about getting a caterer for Christmas dinner pulak. But I already have so many things to chew on. And that means I still have to roast my turkey, you know?

12 thoughts on “I just got into something new

  1. Can’t wait for Aunty’s new site šŸ˜›

    Anyway, as to your hubby’s idea of a caterer, two options here,

    1. Make money for urself, get a qoutation for the amount if you cater, and then proceed to do it yourselves and ask your hubby to pay you that amount for it šŸ˜›

    2. GET a Caterer if you don’t want to slave and sweat behind the oven and stove, but just prepare your own turkey and certain dish that is uniquely you and the rest ask the caterer to do it.

  2. Wah, aunty is learning new high tech stuff. When you want to transfer some Paypal funds to me so that I can do the same? Hahaha…

    You must share with us the secrets too lar… like where to get cheap domain names, where to get cheap reliable fast hosting, how to go about setting it up, how to con people to go the site, etc šŸ™‚

  3. AhPek – Hoi, dunwan lah, I langsung knows nuts about hosting. I only know how to instal the WP and forum because it is just one click.

    gbyeow – Heh, it is part of PayPerPost recommended webhost. I got udang one, LOL, so that’s why I took one package. Otherwise, I am very happy hosting with Bryan of SapiensBryan.

    RyeUrn – Yeap, expanding.

    Neo – Oi, I where got con people wan…Chey…

    QV – Aiyoh, I don’t look forward to either one lah, my apartment so small, I need to rent a place somemore.

  4. LOL, Bryan, addicitive mah, got more and more. But this wan is to experiment with dealing with my own setting up of WP lah. You know lah, one day you become big taukeh time, dun do webhosting, no one can help me start a domain from scratch, I mah stand swimming.

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