Our flooded car just return

Do you remember about our car that was submerged in flood and had to be towed to the workshop? Apparently the Perdana now has no value in the market and the insurance company can’t declare it a total loss eventhough the repair would have costed RM14K. (meaning the car will still be repaired but sold off and the insurance pay the amount the car is insured) So, after much to and fro negotiations, the workshop only change a few parts. Now it is smelling like a new car with the new leather upholstery.

During that period, my atm got himself the company car normally driven by his office despatch assistant. I tell you, I almost killed a motor biker because the lousy rear view mirror has blind spots. When someone gets too near, I don’t see them on the mirror anymore. And that freaking mirror enlarge cars in the distance into huge ones, cause me to think that they are very near. Duh. I never knew about blind spots until I drove that cb Wira. (ok lah, I exaggerated a bit about killing a biker but I did scare the hell out of him and I). So, folks do be careful with blind spots on your mirrors.

I only remember about this matter after finding the post about Blind Spot Mirrors. Some of our local cars do have this freakish shortcomings. I know my brother-in-law also complained about his Waja and blindspots.

If we are driving in small towns like my area, you do need to be careful ‘cos there are lots of Mat Rempits and Ah Bengs bikers who can appear out of nowhere, riding next to you like a little duck following the mama duck. You can’t see them unless you keep turning to the back.

Though this post is a sponsored one, I hope everyone is aware of blind spots with the illustrations above. Don’t scare the hell out of yourself when you are doing a lane switch and almost knock down some bikers. Usually, they don’t pay attention to our signal lights from their position or they can’t see our signal light.

Berhati-hati di jalanraya. Does your car has a blind spots? What model? Made in Malaysia ah?

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  1. I tell you this, hoh. If you’re suddenly getting a surge in traffic/pageviews, it’s Gordon’s doings. He’s VERY fascinated with ur snowflakes. Keeps climbing up onto my table and opening up ur page, lol

  2. samm -LOL, teach him how to make the right click oso. But hor, I warned my toddler – You must not click to my site. He got the message liao if not dangerous wei. He knows how to google images and drive me crazy. Keep asking me how to spell this, spell that and he go google images. Can go crazy spelling every damn thing like that for him. But he also know how to type 5xmom, pandaiiii..

  3. blind spots..easy to overcome. sit in the middle of your car (I know very difficult..since got clutch in the middle..but try la..you might enjoy it.. šŸ˜‰ ) and adjust your left n right mirrors accordingly. When u actually sit in the driver’s seat..u won’t have any more blind spots.

  4. Dylan – Aiyooooo, so sorry lah, I saw yr comment too late! I pressed the Delete all already only caught it.

    mott – LOL, are you suggesting I sit with the handbrake in between my legs. *looks innocently* My Naza Ria handbrake terpacak in the middle wor.

    maR – That was probably our first new car! No power steering, kena pulas till arms also cramp.

    blueapple – Yalor, sometimes it is the ‘pillar’ that holds the windscreen that block the view.

  5. except new imported car, most car suffer from mirror blind spot. BTW, the driving school will warn the student about this, but many people forgot after they get their license. Small like kancil,myvi,etc suppose to have minimal blind spot.

  6. Oh, beside blind spot, now local are suffering the “signal light” amnesia, many “forgot” to turn on the signal light when changing lane, turn into junction.

  7. Dear Lilian,

    Eventhough i am driving a Little Kancil, i alway encountered this “Blind Spot” issue as well…… šŸ™

    Yen Nee

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