Mr. Sammy Blue and his toll

Mr. Sammy Blue
Said he got no clue
Why his wig won’t glue

So, he needs a new one
A karipap style he want
Lotsa hair in front

But wig prices go up
Sammy Blue bo chap (bo chap = don’t care in Hokkien)
Wassap, wassap

Kasi itu toll yincrease
No choice or else
The wig must be subsidise

Sammy Blue said we share
Government burden we must care
But we all say, Yanadehhh

Petrol naik, toll naik
Hampalang take a hike
Gaji tarak baik

Rakyat suffers, Sammy Blue happy
Puadah he says, lu pigi tepi
Jangan kasi saya naik api

Without Sami Bulu in perlimen
Where got interesting gomen
So, Sammy Blue remains the man

17 thoughts on “Mr. Sammy Blue and his toll

  1. whao! is a good one! keep it up :-}
    everything goes up; petrol, electricity, water, transport, air ticket, what is the next item on the gahmen list!!!!! i am really trembling!!!!
    got to keep 3 jobs to survived…., man
    n ‘they’ say they are looking after us..
    poh dah……..

  2. “tandas tandas di malaysia banyak kotor. kalau kita ada menteri tandas kita mesti mengadakan ketua pembangkang tandas”

    i love his speech. totally amusing!!

  3. he really sibeh chau cibai!! i can’t remember the last time i cursed so much when reading the newspaper…paying xtra 60 bloody sen for LDP just to xperience the worst traffic in the galaxy’s history!! saying stupid things like “without these roads, ppl can’t access places like d’sara and puchong”. woi!! u stupid ka??? y build townships if u dunwan to build the roads??? i ptooi at ur wig!!!

  4. Pity those in KL. Cost of living already so high. Now have to pay higher toll charges for roads that are still jammed during peak hours. People in KL spend most of their time in their cars. Its sad.

    I was one of them. Now I am in Malacca without tolls and jams but also making just as much when I was in KL. Stress free here.

  5. Sammy Bulu said, it’s not my fault oh lord,
    It’s just another act of god,
    If toll tadak naik, money where got,
    If no money I come up with many thoughts.

  6. blardy hell man, LDP is like one of the worst made so called “Highways” imagine 2 lane highway all the way thru PJ, one accident on one lane, and you have it backlogged all the way to the bridge or worse sunway.

    and imagine people coming to Cheras thru Kesas Highway, 2.20 each toll, there are 3 tolls, so that comes to 6.60 per direction and 13.20 total to go to and fro…..can reach Melaka lo Semi Value.

    They tried to play down the news on radio somemore, and it infuriated me more. I heard this on radio “The rates should have been higher, but the government is still subsidizing to ease the burden of the people”


  7. Cost of living go up, gaji tak naik!! Teruk betul juga ini Garment!! Time to vote them out or at least a few seats next time round!!

    Lets campaign for Aunty Lilian as the next MP so we can have pantun session in the Parliament hehehe

  8. si sami bulu itu…wanna raise toll price nvm…dare to raise LDP somemore…
    dat highway has to be one of the most congested in the world during peak hours.
    raise by bloody 60cents somemore…60 cents one way, 1.20 both ways…if u travel 5 days per week u need to pay 6 ringgit extra…just to spend time in ur car listening to the bloody radio and looking at the sad faces in cars beside u…blood pressure naik la woi

  9. LOL you are the best Lilian …… Greatest poem of all times, you should be receiving Nobel Prize. U are right, this Sammy bulu is getting more bulu, we common folks is shredding more bulu. He work hard to get bigger cut, we work hard to keep from kebuluran ‘shaking my head’.

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