Sei lor…Christmas & New Year are just few days away!

I am going for the year first real Christmas carolling this Sunday at Rasa Sayang Resort. It is a spanking new five star beach resort and we are supposed to be there to liven up their tree lighting ceremony. After the carolling, our choir master told us we have to linger around to talk to their guests. Duh, since when these bunch of oldies carollers turned GRO? Muahahar….who knows…maybe some angmoh*, damn filthy rich one, a widower with lotsa properties sweep me off my feet leh?

(*angmoh = red hair = nicknames we call foreigners)


This is going to be the last weekend to do any shopping. I have enough of shopping malls so I am not going to shop. Hey #1 and #2 sons, don’t hope for Santa Claus. Mama Claus is allergic to crowds. Over and out.


So, another year is here. I think I am going to like 2007 very much because number seven is my lucky number as I was born on the seventh. There is a kind of sombre mood when we reach the year end, isn’t it? Time to recollect what we have done, what we didn’t do, friends we met yadda yadda yadda.

But chup, I don’t live by the calendar because day in day out, it is a good day to me. I never make new year resolutions because I know I never keep them so it is a waste of time. However, I have something more precious than a new year resolution. I have this blog and it is nice to look back on the exact same date, what I wrote in 2004 and 2005.


Well, it is the the holidays and I hope all of you have that woozy, happy, joyful, heady feelings in each of you. If you are a Christian, then all the more you should feel happy because soon we are going into the 3rd Sunday of Advent. It means we are rejoicing for the birth of Christ. It is the pink/rose candle week!

IMGP1320 (nice anot? made from real candy cane, my #1 son did it)

I just realised something. I DO have a new year resolution. I resolve to start a faith blog next year. I think soon I am going to be bored of writing paid posts. I do get bored easily. Once the thrill is over, time to move on to something more challenging.

6 thoughts on “Sei lor…Christmas & New Year are just few days away!

  1. Merry Christmas Mom! have a good and Blessed one! May the good Lord continue to bless,guied and make his face shine upon you and your family!

  2. Hohohoho, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I need to take care of my Blog.. Sighs.. Resolution #102.

  3. I remembered I went carolling when I was still in school back in Ipoh at the old Super Kinta.

    Its great I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. People taught we were from the Salvation Army or something, though I can’t think of what people will think with a bunch of middle-aged carollers ! šŸ™‚

    Anyway Merry Christmas and a Happy Spanking Lucky-7 New Year

  4. Christmas, a time of joy and celebration but we must always remember Christ in Christmas, all the best in your preparations for this joyous festival aunty.

    Can’t wait to see your faith blog šŸ˜›

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