Christmas party with kids

I am going to put a very short video clip so that I can share with all of you the cheerful and happy voices of these children. They are so friendly, funny and adorable. Of course, the little guy in black and white stripe is my own, ok?

It was a very nice time spent with the couple, Lawrence and Erina, their friends (oops I can’t remember her name but I know it is soupqueen?) and the children from CPS. Lawrence and Erina brought foods, lots of them for the children, their friends gave the children some stationery, WMD passed to me some angpows and I gave them some toys and candy canes for the younger kids. It is wonderful how our simple gestures brought so much laughter and joy to the kids.

My own kids were so cosy there. My toddler played like he is at home. The poor #3 who brought along a bottle of unbreakable bubble got swarmed by the children. LOL.


So, folks, if you have some time, a little money and lots of love, do visit these children in homes like these. They will be very happy to see you, I am sure. The Children Protection Society houses 34 children from age 3 years to 17 years. Some of them do return to their home occasionally but stay at the Shelter to ensure they get a proper education and comfortable facilities. There are Malay, Indian, Chinese and East Malaysian children staying either permanently or temporarily there. It is not faith-related. Therefore, it is a perfect place for corporate companies or individuals who wish to help out. Do give them a call if you are interested.


The Children’s Protection Society
No 118A, Jalan Scotland, Penang
Tel : 04 – 826 4046

6 thoughts on “Christmas party with kids

  1. Hi Santarina ,

    Your little one left his brick game at the homes. So i keep it in my shop now. Come and collect when you are free.

    Also , the soupqueen girl name is Krista . You can check out her website

    Oh ya , the children is asking me when Auntie Santa is coming again after you left ? so , i tell them that if they keep wishing , one day they will see you again ! Ho ho ho

  2. Woman with a big heart very hard to find nowaday ….. ‘See Lor’ moi beginning to fall in love with you la woman :o)

    p/s: me no lesbian, don’t worry 😛

  3. The joys of Christmas is when we think not only of ourselves or our stomach during this season but also of others and most especially the needy around us.

    Anyway, just posted a post in my journal and there’s 3 Christmas Songs and lyrics there that can be quite a good reflection as we think of Christmas, enjoy, (wanted to post the song directly into my journal but somehow can’t seem to get the feed to work, so you’ll have to click on the link provided to listen to the songs but I post the lyrics there also for those who are lazy to listen 😛 )

  4. Christmas is a season of joy, love and peace. Somehow, i just love doing all this things not only during christmas season but i find joy and happiness sharing with the unfortunate one. Hv any one seen kids that had been abuse by parents? I saw it with my eyes when I were there. Really pityful. To me, bearing and having kids are not an easy things but how could they do such a thing to the little cute one. Once again, thank you very much for your support Lilian. Oopsss!!! They called you Santarina. Hehehe

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