From now on, you are going to know when I am writing for PayPerPost

Yeap, folks, from here on, I am going to tell you, Ladies and Gentleman, this is a sponsored post from PayPerPost in every single one of my posts. We just got news about this from [tag]PayPerPost[/tag] blog. I hope you won’t be bored reading ‘This is a sponsored post by (advertiser’s name)’ repeatedly because it is a new ruling on [tag]disclosures[/tag]. In the States, they have regulations and revealing an advertisement is a must. I didn’t quite get it into my fluff brain all the finer details but basically it means those who write for paid post must reveal they are sponsored by the advertisers, not [tag]PPP[/tag] unless it is PPP paid post. And it has to be mentioned in every single one of our post.

This post is of course sponsored by PayPerPost and I am paid to write it. Frankly, whether I reveal or not, I don’t find it an issue because I have always placed the advertiser’s interest ahead when I am writing. They pay me money, I find something positive to say about them. Or I beat around the bush and say something neutral. Or I totally ignore the money and not write about it.

Moreover, I believe my regular readers will sniff an advertisement from miles away because it just look unnatural sometimes for me to talk about serious topics like home loans, mortgages, insurances etc.

You have a nice Sunday! And I always have more interesting story one post behind this and one post ahead of this because we are required to write one paid post slotted by one regular program and another paid post.

4 thoughts on “From now on, you are going to know when I am writing for PayPerPost

  1. hmmm..somehow this post sounds like a public service announcement 😛 Aunty, I tot you never worked with the garment before, but this posting make it sound like some garment explanation hehehe

  2. i’m happy for u that u r making a fortune writing blogs but i’m so green with envy also! i need to go confession liao! hahahaha

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