Kids concert


The Shalom Working Youth Group has done a fantastic job of organising a children’s Christmas party with the theme ‘Come baby Jesus into our hearts’. My kids haven’t seen as many coloured, helium balloons before.


That’s Father FA (in grey shirt), our parish priest joining the kids at the party. There are sand-art, puzzle, all sorts of contests, icecream, foods and gifts exchange.


Toddler taken a breather after all the fun.


Mummy’s work of art. Actually, some of the moms there have more fun than their kids playing sand-art, colouring contests and stuffs like that. Hehehe.

Glad to meet WMD! It was just a whirlwind meeting ‘cos I am totally zonked out. And thanks to Khaw (Khor?) for coming to the church to confirm the time at Rasa Sayang!

Next post, I will try to post the Penang Il Divo duet with our choir, singing O Holy Night. OMG, we have Il Divo singing with us on Christmas Day! I am not sure of the date and time yet but these guys are good. They normally sing at 68 (err…where I also dunno ‘cos I suakoo never been to posh-posh restaurants before.) under some French name meaning The Voices.

4 thoughts on “Kids concert

  1. Nice to meet you in person finally…though for very brief moments. I never thought that the party was such a big event and when I came home I told hubby that next year, sacrifice siesta and we should try to bring the boys. I am sure by then the little one will enjoy it too.

  2. jlshyang -Oh yes, he is part of the anchorman in the choir. That Noel’s voice also very good lor.

    WMD- Yes, it is by far the most festive party I have attended in HSC.

  3. Hi there…i dont think i know any of you but I must say that I am very flattered to be blogged about by you and that you know about our group “Voce”….do call us if you like us to perform for you 016 466 3804

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