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Ok, I love this song “This is Christmas to me” because it is a simplistic view of Christmas. Though I like all the more spiritual old hymns like O Come All Ye Faithful, Hark the Herald, O Holy Night and those worshipping Christ, sometimes, it is good for us Christians to remember that it is a blessing that so many people, regardless of their faiths, in the world are celebrating Christmas with gifts giving and spreading of good will. So, let’s not push it too hard by reminding each other that Christmas is about Christ. A Christian will know that without needing another Christian to remind him/her.

The video was taken by my son while the bunch of them had to wait for me in church during my choir. It takes a while for the video to download, click play and then, pause and hope it won’t take too long for you to see our choir practice.

Let’s look at these beautiful lyrics which I typed (cos I can’t find an online version):
(Bart of Angie&Bart is playing the piano)

What is Christmas?
Is it Santa Claus and presents?
Is it pumpkin pie and phesants?
Is it tinsel on the tree?

What is Christmas?
Is it candlelight and snowflakes?
Is it candy canes and cupcakes?
Is it the same for you and me?

Wherever I am, wherever you are
Let us make a wish upon the Christmas star

that there be
hope in every heart
love in every home
peace in every land
neighbours hand in hand
a surprise in every stocking
a gift under every tree

This is Christmas to me

What is Christmas?
Is it starry skies at midnight?
Is it carols by the firelight?
Is it friends and family?

What is Christmas?
Is it Mary’s little baby?
Is it quite all right that maybe
It’s not the same for you and me?

(repeat italic)

And I am so proud of this pic.


My church handymen put up this three-storey high Christmas lights. It is no easy task to get the scaffolding up, measure and draw the giant shape, drill the holes and tie the lights etc etc. But through great co-operation, they did it within a few hours today. And the most heartwarming thing is my atm is somewhere up there on the second floor height helping a bit. That to me is the most significant part of Christmas because non-Catholics like him are so into doing things for Christmas.

5 thoughts on “Video – This is Christmas to me

  1. Lilian, This is Christmas is lovely. Beautifully done. Hope you had a fun time carroling at Rasa Sayang last night.

  2. simon – Eh, you still never seen atm ah? I said on the second storey, so that left only two persons. Why ah? He looks too young to be my atm ah? LOL.

    Dawn- Yes, we even had a fun time makan-ing and they even provide us cute bottles of Evian! Fuwah, so happy lah.

  3. its good to see ur atm joining in..u dun have to be a catholic to believe in GOD now do you? coz i’m not but i’m all for christmas & all things good!

  4. Christmas is a lovely season to me. The one that I sang last time during the carolling was :-

    What is Christmas?
    Without Jesus
    And without him what is there to celebrate

    The rest sudah lupa liau…………. hehehe

    Merry Christmas to you and you family.

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