Aisay Mr. Michael Chong, let’s leave them to burn their own asses?

To those who are residing in overseas, let me give a little background picture. Michael Chong is this saintly guy from MCA (Malaysia Chinese political party) who rescues widows, runaway girls, abused husbands (ok, I added a bit of salt and pepper), dead bodies and all saintly stuffs that you don’t associate politicians with. He is the good guy, I would say.

There is a huge, front page feature today about mail order brides. Poor Mr. Michael Chong is trying to tell the guys not to get cheated by Vietnamese girls who sucked the men dry, off their money lah wei, what are you thinking, and ran way. He is also trying to uphold the dignity of women by condemning the act of parading the girls in coffeeshops which he described as immoral and sickening.

But I say, let’s leave all these men to get their backsides burnt should they get cheated by these girls? And if the girls so desperately want to marry off to Malaysian men and only to be treated like sex slave, housemaid, punching bag and etc, then, it is their own doing, isn’t it?

Then again, the only problem I see are the poor babies born out of these broken relationships and the bleak future they have. Otherwise, I would say, padan muka to the men and the women!

What do you think? Do you think we can stop this supply and demand situation? Now money rules. It can buy some ugly, erectile dysfunction Ah Beng a virgin wife. It also can make a small peckered guy like that Yahya Zaini inflate his ego by ‘pau-ing’ an old hen like that Maria Eva. (pau = keeping a mistress with lots of money).

8 thoughts on “Aisay Mr. Michael Chong, let’s leave them to burn their own asses?

  1. Suck the man dry šŸ˜› hehehe….I am being led astray!!! By my own mind..well, if I am not evil, I wouldn’t have thought such evil thoughts now would I? hehehe

    Well, I can only come up with one thought for this, “prostitution is the oldest profession in the world” therefore, are we able to put a stop to it? As long as they are people who wants it and people willing to give it, we can’t and therefore, its the same in this situation.

    However, reading about the poor kids, the song Bui Doi from Ms Saigon keeps on popping in my mind…

    they’re called bui-doi
    the dust of life
    conceived in hell
    and born in strife
    we owe them fathers, and a family
    and loving homes they never knew
    because we know
    deep in our hearts
    that they are all our children too

    these are souls in need
    they need us to give
    someone has to pay
    for their chance to live
    help me try

  2. I think it is good that the public is warned of these scams but there are those who knowingly take in these pplz should deserved to be cheated. Bear in mind that some of them is quite desperate both men and women, so they will try their luck and assumed that they can manage the other. People sometimes never learned. Cheers!

  3. As howsy say, ” A Sucker Born Each Day”. Hahahahaahaa.

    If those Malaysia short of those suckers, Michael Chong will be out of business. Thanks to the TV and education system, we will not short of sucker until year 3030.

  4. bengbeng – Apa la lu, you got understand what I said or not ah? Which side am I on, you tell me?

    moo_t – Wuah, 3030, dunno the earth still around or not. LOL.

    Paris – Yalor, if I am Michael Chong, I tell those buggers who kena cheated to bugger off. But hor, sometimes, kesian the bini tua cos many old men ran off with their retirement savings to buy new wives. I know someone quite close to me who managed to get an old retiree to part with his life savings for her sake. Hehehe. Now, she dumped him, the whole family of the old man suffers, kan?

    JoeC – Love is blind and sex is even blinder. Hahaha.

    wuching – Wuah….if go to Melbourne, never mind la. Get PR there worth it mah. But wasted for these girls to come to only Malaysia mah. So near oni.

    QV – Ya, the implication is much deeper and the illegitimate kids and the abandoned older wives are the main problems. God bless Michael Chong for his works. Hey, he is a Catholic, right?

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