Kisah pasal kote kecik

Ini pasal Yahya Zaini
Orang kuat di Inni
Orang besar Party Golkar
Sudah mampus sebab zakar

Sudah kahwin lagi miang
Cari pompuan siang-siang
Pompuan ini Maria Eva
Sudah tua not hot like lava

Satu dunia sudah nampak
Kote kecik macam cicak
Mana mau taruh itu muka
Satu dunia ketawa kahkahkah

Maria Eva banyak li-hai
Tangkap video of the so-hai
Sekarang Eva sudah femes
Tak rugi itu sex fest

Moral of the story?

1) If you are a married man, don’t cheat.
2) If you are a married man who is a politician, don’t cheat.
3) If you are a married man who is from an Islamic country and Islamic political party, don’t cheat.
4) If you are a married man who is all the above and have a little pecker, big belly and fugly face, don’t even think of cheating. Because you are on candid camera!

And I say, Syabas to Maria Eva! Though I don’t condone what she did, if there are more Maria Evas, I am sure all our politicians will behave better and all the men will cheat less and we will live happily ever after! So, ladies, if you are going to cheat with a married man, at least take some videos and it may guarantee you a bright future, a cushy amount of money from blackmailing and a hot spot on Google video and Youtube.

22 thoughts on “Kisah pasal kote kecik

  1. kak lilian,
    I saw the vid dulu, I laughed so loud I can’t help it kahkahkkahakh…..

    Lelaki bila dah boncit… hish muahkakakakakk

  2. AhPek – Not my fault wor, Rojakz and LinPeh never label their blogsposts : No aunties allowed. I accidentally ternampak and I tell you, I have never seen a smaller kukujiao than that on grown, old men. Ok, I have never seen many to compare but I know a small one when I see one, wokeh? Kahkahkahkah.

    maR – Padan muka dia ya?

    azhan – Itu inspirasi datang tiba-tiba.

    QV – Wuah…It is nice to get back to cheaters like these lah.

  3. eh i thought pantun ar, the 1st and 3rd line must ryhme then the 2nd and 4th line in a diff rhyme …

    why yours 1st and 2nd then 3rd and 4th …

  4. sooi2 – I must warn you. The next time you see any man with misai, perut buncit like a certain latok k likedat, you are only going to imagine a tiny cicak. And I tell you, there are lots of cicak running about. LOL.

  5. The criteria for cheating and be capture in a video:-
    1) Cannot have misai.
    2) Cannot have perut buncit.
    3) Cannot be married.
    4) Cannot be a politician, in a Islamic party and Islamic country.
    5) The most important- the KKC must be as big as …………

    Then…left only with what ah? Porn Star?

    Padan Muka…Yahya Zainin…One hypocrite revealed. Now go face your wife and your children.

  6. I wanna watch the video la but my bf wont allow me la saying it might corrupt me since I just brought N93 hehehehehe

  7. 5xmom are wrong on the moral of the story. It doesn’t apply in Bolehland. Wanna bet RM0.20 with me or not? If anyone capture Bolehland poli***** cheating video, their life will be in grave danger. It is a gruesome death in ahem…. “seefour”. 😉

  8. Excellent piece of long pantun or should i call ‘pantlong’? I laughed till my eyes blurr… next time warn me first can or not? What if i scold my kids n read yr blog at the same time? I’ll lose face as disciplinarian. Maybe should read at late night like ‘Late Night with 5xMom blog.
    Aren’t u r afraid of yr blog banned by Party Gol***?

  9. aunty – kenot la, this would mean you are going to ruin my 12 hard years to master the Bahasa Malaysia …. i will not allow you to do that and ruin the yonger generation’s Bahas Malaysia …

    i now urge you correct them or remove them or i go lodge a formal written komplen to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and JAIS and JAKIM and BPR and …

  10. i thot the most important lesson is “If you’re going to have a sordid affair, dun go and viliotep yourself lar!!!”

    i thot smart guy like him should figure that out himself.

  11. simon – No wor, let them viliotep a lot a lot so that we get free humourous p0rn mah. Eh, you got watch before that videtape of that MIC orang kuat last time anot? Boring till can die hor? I guess men will never learn their lessons, no matter what.

    earl – Gua manyak takut….

    Agnes – No lah, the whole of Indonesia also write about him, with video somemore. They got no time for me.

    moo_t – Wuah…scary.

    cili – Yalor, yalor, useful the phone.

    tehsee – I think he still have not admit it? Like that oso can.

    puteri – 😛

    Samm – yayaya, smaller than you index finger.

  12. Golkar is not an Islamic party, it is a secular-nationalist one. An equivalent of Golkar in Malaysia would be PEKEMBAR. Otherwise known as United Malays National Organisation.

    – MENJ

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