Men sexual enhancers

Today, I am going to take a sponsored post from Roplex because I know it will make interesting discussion topic for the male readers of this site which has a tagline of Humour, Life, Lies and Sex. Who knows, I may be doing a great favour to the chaps who are married and need a little boost? See I mentioned, married?

Men’s greatest pleasure. Whoa!!!! Really? Personally, I feel that men should let nature takes its course. If he has gone into the twilight, I am pretty sure the wife too would have done so. But say, both of them are up and about and want to be a little naughtier and saucier, maybe this sounds good no?

They claim that Roplex is all-natural, made of pure botanical seed extracts. It comes from Sweden, where Swedish maids are famous. (and if you do not know about Swedish maids, then, you obviously haven’t read much when you were growing up.) Hehehe. And note that they said it is used by the Nordics to enhance sexual capacity and vitality. That reminds me of Asterisk (sp?) and their bull horn hats.

Now, all you little boys and girls, please don’t tell your mommas and papas that 5xmom is selling male sexual enhancers, ok? ‘Cos this is not much different from the kopi tongkat ali (some local coffee enhanced with virility roots). This is just what old men need, very much like how you need your dose of chocolates. It makes them feel good. Nothing more.

10 thoughts on “Men sexual enhancers

  1. Next posting is on Dilly the Dildo 😛 (and I just went to confession!! Tsk!! hahahaha)

    Can we get this in Malaysia? Maybe can get a whole box full and give it to STP.

  2. err, better do the natural way la, too much drugs is not good for the system, ended up dependent of the drug to get going, slave in the end. Cheers!

  3. QV & cili – I believe in gender equality. I posted the female version in :P. Dare not skali masuk all these, later I kena labelled as sexual enhancers peddlar.

    QV – I confess I didn’t go because the time when the 12 priests from other parishes came for the penintential rites, I have to rush to the children’s shelter home on the same evening. Hehehe, I hope like that got counted as ‘I absolve your….’

    terence – ………………

  4. HEHEHE personalised absolution…this sounds really familiar 😛

    However, sad to say..its not counted..wish it was that easy

    ooh….okie just came out from your women’s ONLY blog hehehehe…only go in there when you inform that we should 😛 hahahahaha cos as the song goes..I’m not a girl…not yet a woman…ooops..I mean..never a not planning to go for a sex change operation….(incidentally, that’s the hit song amongst the trannies in Thailand hahahaha)

  5. Per this research …

    “A quarter of people have faked an orgasm in the past 12 months – although there is a major difference between the sexes with almost four in 10 women (39%) faking it compared to 17% of men”

    Source : Durex Global Sex Survey 2004

    Such a high percentage … probably those guys really need an enhancer.

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