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Bobbi Brown eyeshadow

Whee! We have decided not to do anything for Christmas! Well, at least not on the 23rd, 24th and 25th December. My IBS (four sisters of the atm lah) came to the house the other day and asked when we are going to roast turkey to belanja them. It gives me so much tension because this year I want to spend time with my choir group as it is the last year we are under Gerard Chan. We have engagement to sing at two hotels and also our Christmas morning mass so if I go running around like a headless turkey trying to juggle carolling, mass and some other church duties plus cooking for 30-40 people, I will probably go bonkers. So, IBS can wait till when I am free. If they willingly come to see me sing at church, maybe I can weave magic but they are SOOOOO afraid of any mention of ‘come to church and see me sing’ so they can forget about their makan. Correct or not?

Ok, sooi2 and a few other ladies asked to hear about Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Do you know that Bobbi Brown is so freaking expensive and yet, the crowds of women swarming there makes you think it goes on cheap sale? A set of brushes can cost as much as RM900. Siao meh?

Anyway, if you go to Bobbi Brown counter, you will like their promoters. They have many of these beauty consultants and therefore, you are assured of personalised service and attention. You will be put on the stool like a million dollar model and they will prim you up for free. The other day the promoter wanted to give me a complete makeover but I wasn’t in the mood.


Who can concentrate on beauty when you have three kids there playing with their sample eyeshadows and rubbed on each other faces like Red Indians? Can die of malu, I tell you. However the girl insisted to touch up my make-up and that leads to her shaving and shaping my eyebrows. She probably knew I was there to burn money. Money I earned from writing paid posts. 😛 I bought some foundation, loose powder and eyeshadow. I think I spent about RM600 and got this free lipstick and blusher. The brown pallete is suitable for my eyes ‘cos I have typical Chinese eyes, no double eyelids type.


Then, on another visit, I went to The Faceshop and got some Koreans cosmetics. I love this cute, little, sweet guy (yeah, I know of a better term) who is soooo tactful. My face is always very shiny and he gave me some face mist which he said will curb the shine. Plus some hair jelly spray to reduce frizz. I bought the above lip gloss from him too. Another RM200 gone.

So happy that we are not going to make any big makan on Christmas. Probably I will make some nice dinner just for the six of us without all the fuss. Or we can go some place posh and makan too. No plans yet.

Hey folks, go put Rudolf on your blog lah. If you can’t get the code done, please email me. I can send you the filelodge codes. And I think Wuching has some tips on his blog. 😛

And I am adding one more Christmas carol. Recording done during our practice, with my kids making funny noises in the background. The song is Share the spirit of Christmas.

10 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown and 5xmom’s cosmetics

  1. Ya… Bobbi Brown is EXPENSIVE ler… I have no confindence in putting up full makeup on my moon face. Furthermore if I DID spend on BB, so sayang to use them… then my husband will scold me for buying and not using them. The Face shop at MidValley have pigeon-eyes salesgirl, so i only went once, i admit their products are interesting.. The pink lip gloss you got from Face Shop, does it smell & taste good? Is it sticky after you apply it? If I ask the sales ppl, they will say of course not, bla, bla.. so good for my moon face… and i trust your comment.

  2. Thank you for featuring BB and TF cosmetics. I have never put on full face makeup-no confidence & sayang to spend so much, then use up quickly.
    How’s TF pink lip gloss:-
    1. Smell?
    2. Taste?
    3. Feel after application?
    4. How soon worn out?

  3. Gee, if I’m making that much money from PPP like you did, I’ll buy Bobbi Brown, SKII, Dior, Chanel, and transfer myself to a super model with hot dresses! LOL!

  4. LOL, maybe the BB salesgirl got read ur blog and knew wat a good fortune u just made…and those set of RM900 brushes must be made from the fleece of white virgin mountain goat!!

    just don’t put your investment into waste…make sure u use ur bobbi’s as frequent as possible b4 they expired!

  5. shoppingmum – Don’t worry, soon you will get that amount. Now, I already ‘sou san’ (keep hill) a bit liao. Sked angmohchaboh marah I so ‘cheong keng thau’. LOL.

    Agnes – I dunno why they keep putting your comment into spam filter lah.
    How’s TF pink lip gloss:-
    1. Smell? – No smell
    2. Taste? – Ok lor, not too geli
    3. Feel after application? – not very sticky, looks transparent so can mix. It is white lah but sudah kena my lipsticks a bit
    4. How soon worn out? – I dunno wor ‘cos I memang tahan lipstick. Last time sexy turkey so I makan oso I ada gaya mia. LOL. Open mouth big big, taruk itu sausages or wateva inside, then baru close mouth. Cannot get the lipstick to stick.

  6. Wowee thank you for featuring BB on your blog. My clueless and kedekut bf have yet go to get me christmas present.

    Now i drop hints to him about your blog completed with pictures and pricing for his perusal hahahahahaha. Wish me luck ‘kiss’.

  7. Yay thanks for this post! I’m just getting into Bobbi Brown myself and yes super duper expensive *cringe* You are lucky you got nice sales persons. I got the sales person from hell. Treated me like a piece of dirt. I’m sorry to say I had to report her to HQ for her just desserts

  8. My friend works at the counter, and sometimes i get the sample from her only. I like the brushes but parents will kll me if i buy -.-” i better stick to maybelline only….

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