Thank you, Agnes!

I was busy in the kitchen seasoning my turkey when the postman came a ding-dong. With hands all dirty, I couldn’t get to the door so I asked my son to deal with him.


He brought in the largest, reddest and most pleasant surprise! Toddler couldn’t wait to find out what’s inside.


With a lovely Christmas card.


And three boxes of imported cookies. Nyum….so crispy, so fragrant, my kids already walloped half a packet. All nicely packed with a cookie jar.


Thank you, Agnes. It is very sweet of you to send me the lovely gift. So nice to be a blogger! Can get presents somemore wan. Actually, I haven’t received gifts from the mail for very long time liao. Who wanna send to me ah? *thick skin* 😛

5 thoughts on “Thank you, Agnes!

  1. Aiyee.. paiseh ler…
    I don’t want to read your blog for free. Not joking.
    I found a blog written by a real person which can make me laugh and cry, makes my day shine even though I felt worst like my grandma recent demise.
    All I can do to thank 5xMom and her family in making their blogs fun to read by send a simple gift.

    Anyway my busy body husband asked what camera are you using, so sharp one? He is hinting me ler…

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