When bloggers change their visions to money

I just have to write this because the thing is so obvious to my eyes. I shall not name names so you guys have to guess. If you are a regular PPS pingers, you probably would have notice too.

Well, there was this one blogger who often make fun of my God, the Lord in his posts. It is like Christians like me are nothing but kaffirs and worshipping pagan gods and stuffs like that. I am not talking about Menj. LOL. But lately, all the blogger wrote are about making money, making money, making money. It leaves him no time to even write that it is haram to wish Christians Merry Christmas! Yay! One less blogger to mencucuk mata.

So, what I want to remind MYSELF is never to lose vision of the reason why I start a blog. It is not to make money. I had been involved in the internet with my own website and forum since 2003 and money was never my intention. I had done it for two years without getting a cent and just earn enough to pay my RM400/year webhosting (with my first webhost, a large company) back then.

It is very dangerous to lose our vision to money. That blogger I mentioned was a very good blogger with very good opinions related to politics, current issues and religion. I like his blog eventhough sometimes his words sting me as a Christian. But all I see now is his recruitment and talks of get rich, very rich, filthy rich type of posts. Sad.

Like Jesus said, “You cannot have two masters. You will either love one and hate the other. You cannot love money and God at the same time.” Anytime, I will choose God. ‘Cos God can makes me filthy rich too. He said, “Do not store up treasures for yourself on earth. For moths and rust will destroy them. Instead, store up treasures in the Heavenly Kingdom.” (ok, something like that, not exactly in that sentence ‘cos I didn’t refer to the Bible, just my own understanding). Amen!

11 thoughts on “When bloggers change their visions to money

  1. mott – sigh along

    ben – yes

    philip – eh, you are not the philip keropok man, right?

    bryan – HOI! Dun blame me lah. Hahaha.

    paris – Ya, very few consumers stuffs. I saw one beauty site last night but it got away before i can take it

    wuching – you dunno who i am talking about lor

    wingz – let’s hail the new god, MooLAH! LOL

    ahpek – You also go pray to moolah!

  2. Hey Lilian,

    Well observed. What you see is a shift in values. Interesting to observe, write? I just wrote about this as well, inspired by you. Keep it up and Merry Christmas šŸ™‚

  3. Certainly true,

    Blogging for money mean selling your vision to ads, but for those who never had any vision, it is prob no lost.

    Glad someone else is sharing my thoughts, but dun get too heat up.. just give their blog a miss.. since they have all the rights to do what they want with their blog. (it’s their life too)

    Merrry Christmas.

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