OMG, Rudolf song hit platinum!


See for yourself. This is only part of the download taken from my server’s awstats. I can’t quite understand how awstat works but it looks like there were 6K views of the Rudolf song sung by bloggers, which is equivalent to 6K times being listened to?

Don’t forget there is the download from John Ong’s server plus filelodge which most bloggers using blogspot are using. So, the group song by the bloggers is HOT.

But I have a little problem here. My trackback doesn’t seem to tell me who had put the song on their site and LinPeh just MSN me to ask :

Lin Peh says: so how ? apa majiam wan to give the RM50 ? kasi gua kah ? LOL!

5xmom says: LOL, maybe I post and ask them to skali put the URL in the comment

So, folks, please can you put your permalink in the comment so that Lin Peh and Rojakz and pick the winner ah? Make your slogan funny or humsup lah. You know these two guys only look for this kind of thing.

5xmom says: Lin Peh, you got sing solo anot ah?

Lin Peh says: kenot la. david foster oso no sing wan ? LOL!

5xmom says: hahaha, i think yr voice must be very teruk leh, that’s why dare not sing

Lin Peh says: nanti all the silais hear ledi stim liao how ? LOL!

5xmom says : puadah, perasan betul LOL

Hurry, put the Rudolf song in your blog to make it Christmassy. Please, email me if you can’t get the code to work. I know Blogger blog a bit leceh wan, use the filelodge code lah. I am so excited to know which voice belongs to which blogger so hurry up lah, I want Lin Peh to reveal the voices and the names of the blogger liao. Beh tahan, so damn curious.

It seems that all my guesses were wrong. I cannot even recognise Matthew‘s voice eventhough I sing in the choir with him all the time. So, to make things easier, go check out Wuching’s blog. I *think* he got it right. šŸ˜› Haiyor, I don’t care lah, I just want people to share the song with your blog readers cos it is really nice, ok? I am going to pester LinPeh to reveal liao. Cannot wait anymore. Arrggh..LinPeh, please tell me which lengjai has which voice?

4 thoughts on “OMG, Rudolf song hit platinum!

  1. wuching – You come to Penang lah, I kasi you eat crabs worth RM50. I know you like crabs, right? Then, you serenade to me and I stuff another wad of money into your mouth. No need to pakat with Lin Peh. Bring yr wife, of course!

    AhPek – I mailed to yr yahoo account liao.

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