Our destiny


I was in church just now and met up with the florist, Michael. Michael is the cousin of Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson and I used to be neighbours in Sungai Ara (my previous house) and my children likened Mr. Wilson to the Mr. Wilson, the neighbour of Dennis The Menace. Mr. Wilson lives in Australia and only come back to Malaysia once a year.

Eleven years ago, Mr. Wilson lived next to us. During Chinese New Year, I was so busy praying to the thnee kong (heavenly god) and even offered a whole roasted pig as the offerings. It was the grand prayers with tables on the chair, sugarcane and all the thingamajic. Mr. Wilson was so amused to see my whole family, including my mother, carrying out the rituals and asked if he could take photos of them.


Fast forward to this evening, on a breezy night, with sparkling Christmas lights, I told Michael to send our regards to Mr. Wilson and asked if Mr. Wilson is coming to church. Then, I asked Michael to tell Mr. Wilson that I am now a Catholic. Michael told me Mr. Wilson knew but just couldn’t believe it. Me of all people. It is amazing how things have changed within this short time. I am going to pray that I get to see Mr. Wilson when he comes to church. He is not very young anymore and each year he is back to Malaysia, it is already a blessing. I am sure he is going to be so happy to see all my children all grown up and all of us in Christ.


Then, rewind back to the time when I was driving to church this evening. I felt such joy when I saw my recently divorced neighbour and his son with a Bible each, in their hands going somewhere. There is something positive about it because the circumstances earlier was rather bad. He is doing so well with the three kids, all about the same age as my children. Washing their clothes and stuffs like that. Each time I see that, I know that sometimes, wives aren’t that important, no? Life still goes on, whether they are there or not. Christ is their anchor now, I am sure.


BTW, I watched Secret Bible on National Geographic. It illustrates the book of Revealation and stuffs like end of the world etc. Heavy stuffs. But to me, religion is about basic things like depicted above. All the photos are taken from my church. The snowmen cute, boh? The youths from my church did them.

Destiny. It is funny how things turn out. Unlike the movie Click, we cannot rewind and fast forward.

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  1. hey lilian, i say something u dun angry me hor..that cross on top of the light christmas tree outside looks like its burning with fire! reminds me of those KKK burning crosses! *fast fast run*

  2. Its funny how things turn out isn’t it. I came from a Buddhist family but ended up attending RCIA and getting baptised subsequently. God works in wondrous ways.

  3. RyeUrn – Yes indeed

    wuching – Oi, that one is a star la. Hahaha. I told my atm too (he was the one who put the lights, but not the star). There are too many lights in making the star. He said I am a lousy photographer with bad timing, taking it when all lighted up. Hahaha. Anyway, it is 3-storey high and need scaffolding to change, so it will be anything the person sees. Someone else saw it as a flag pulak.

  4. Wei! You also fast forward and rewind until I pening. Anyway I will be in Singapore for Christmas. Therefore I am wishing you now. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your loved ones!

    Hey! You wanna meet me or not during your trip to Melaka? Don’t be shy lah, email me. We go pak tor and jalan jalan cari makan. (with my wife and your family of course).

  5. terence – I want!!!! ‘Cos I bring a box of saman for you to settle for me, ok? Just joking. I have been so busy until never go visit my sister and take my Adsense cheque yet. OMG, what date liao, the cheque oso grow mouldy. So, never got to ask her about my niece’s wedding. And still not sure where to stay yet.

    You go enjoy soap bubbles in Orchard Road, ok? I was there back in 2000!

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