An early wishes to all readers of 5xmom!

I know today, Friday will be the last working day before all of you break for the Christmas weekend. Many of you won’t be logging in to the internet. So, let me send my warmes wishes as follows:

To all my brothers and sisters in Christ…..

Blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones. Rejoice for our Lord is born!


Have a wonderful time and may God bless you.

To all my non-Christians friends – Merry Christmas and may you get plenty of presents.


Don’t be naughty, ya!

To the dan lain-lain, never mind if you won’t wish me. Gua tarak peduli lah! I love you all the same. Just enjoy the long weekend, ok?


Well, folks, again….

1) Put Rudolf on your blog, pleaseeee….

2) If you are in Penang and want a little bit of festive mood, visit Rasa Sayang or Golden Sands and hope to meet you there. Our carolling will be around 7-8 pm till late at Rasa & GS on 24th. Another session is on 25th at 9 pm at Rasa.

3) All of you (who are non-Muslims, i.e.) are most welcome to the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Penang to join in the Christmas celebration. I can send you a map if you like. I am attending the 8.30 am (OMG, I hope I can wake up and sing) morning mass on Christmas day. I am looking forward to meet Daniel (a blog reader/blogger from Singapore).

As you can see, my life is no party but lots of commitments. In fact, I have to attend more choir practices and even a meeting on Christmas Eve. But I am loving it because serving Christ, the Lord is the most wonderful feelings of all. The turkey can wait.

20 thoughts on “An early wishes to all readers of 5xmom!

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well> May this Christmas bring in more joy laughter and blessings from Our Lord tou your family!!

  2. so nice to wake up to christmas cheer on a friday morning especially one where i don’t have to work. took an early day off to geta head start on the long weekend. merry christmas 5xmom!

  3. busy day for u, 5xmom. remember to stop to smell the roses on the day; or gingerbread house or turkey for that matter! also doremifasolatido before sing at 8.30am, nanti voice crack… haha…merry xmas to all!

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family, too, Lilian, and I hope you have many more. Wishing you the finest gifts of Christmas – peace, love and joy. Sounds like you will have a busy weekend.

  5. Aww.. did my earlier greeting get spammed? It didn’t appear. Just wanna wish you a very Merry Christmas to the 5Xmom family. You are so busy, does that mean we’ll be seeing less of you on the blog during the hols then?

  6. Dear Lilian,
    Thank you for all your inspirational and hilarious postings throughout the years. Hope you’ll continue the wonderful job next year.
    Seasons Greetings to you and your family

    God bless!

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