Wah…very stressed lor..

It is like this. Initially, we thought of holding a family gathering at my place but the caterers are booked, the poolside we want to rent to hold the gathering has no water supply and we ditched the idea. So, my atm’s eldest sister invited us to her son/her house to makan. The son is a Methodist and for some funny reasons, the other sisters-in-laws and brothers-in-laws have err…a little Christianphobia kehkehkeh so usually they don’t attend.

So, never mind, I muttered to someone that I will roast my turkey and bake a few cakes and bring along as buah tangan because the Methodist church peeps are going for carolling and that sort of thing. Then, a few extra turkey and cakes may come in handy. But words got around to the siss-in-laws and now they phoned and asked me exactly what I am cooking and baking.

Wahhhh….panic liao. I have no intention of cooking for the clans, man! I got some last minute practice to do tonight, I told them I have to attend the sunset mass tomorrow (because I had agreed weeks ago to help with some stuffs and cannot back out last minute) and I don’t know if my turkey will turned out alright. Jesus! Please don’t let my turkey burnt, my cakes tak masak, the lamb shanks not melt-in-the-mouth goodness or else sei lorrrr….

You say stressed or not? I just discovered my France turkey is not like the USA turkey I had last year. François Torque (pronounce france turkey lah) doesn’t have timer to tell me if it is cook. It doesn’t have the plastic thing to secure the legs together. What if after I roast liao, the kaki terkangkang likedat? OMG, that is so obscene! Because you know what? I got someone searching for ‘sex with turkey’ on Google! Crazy fella, I tell you! And now, I must go cari what to stuff that bird because I didn’t plan to roast it anytime soon and didn’t get the potatoes, sauce, parsley…… I haven’t done any grocery shopping. (download turkey recipe here)

And, and, and my kids need to buy their school books, school uniforms, school shoes….Ok, ok, dun panic. Keep blogging and you will be alright. LOL. Plus you remember that I make kueh ee last night? (go see video) The mess isn’t cleared yet.

I am in the [tag]Christmas[/tag] mood already!

6 thoughts on “Wah…very stressed lor..

  1. chill out lilian… just do what you can lor, dun over stress out. i very da charm, today kena cancel leave sighhhh lucky no need stay back late else kenot eat all the nice food and kuih ee at my mom

    wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and may the new year bring you all joy and peace.

  2. terence – I cuma drama queen aje. But eh, the situation very worrying ah? The papers said it is coming to Klang Valley. And over here in Penang, it is freakish cold, like 17 deg celcius in the early morning. Ammah!!!!! The world is ending. Hehehe, never mind, can’t drive south, drive up north. Char Koay Teow on me.

    babe – Tks! I actually am busy playing with something new I discovered and no mood to go into the kitchen. Hehehe.

    hijackqueen – And soon after Christmas, it is going to CNY pulak. Haiyor..white hairs liao.

  3. It never fails to amaze me how u can juggle (and cook) so many things at one time. But u sound ooh so happy doing it. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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